Reason 220: Because The Effects Of The Schoolhouse Compound Over Time

The effects of compounding interest are an amazing thing. A small amount of money receiving interest over a lifetime will explode. The schoolhouse is similar. The Facebook video below kind of makes my point. It is of a woman shooting her children’s iPhones with a shotgun. But she seems oblivious that the problem is not with the iPhones but with her children. But Most likely, if she wants to dig deep enough she’ll find that the problem is even deeper than that. To get at the root of the problem, she might start by looking in the mirror.

What she will see in that mirror is a daughter of Adam, and there’s only one cure for that. I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that she was raised in the Bible Belt, which is unfortunate in some ways because that region gave people a sense of morality without the source of morality. She was probably sent to the schoolhouse her whole life and taught there that the only acceptable source for morality was the god/state while the true source, God, was hidden and forbidden. She was probably raised by parents who were exposed to the same thing, but to a lesser degree. Now she’s sending her own children to the same schoolhouse, and she now thinks she can turn all that around by shooting their phones. Here’s the video:

“I Hereby Denounce Social Media”

It wouldn’t surprise me if she spent her childhood in the Church where a lot of moralism was taught, but very little repentance and Jesus. My advice to her is to take a long look into that mirror, realize who she is before God, and then repent and beg for His mercy. Then, and only then, might she have a chance at salvaging her poor offspring, who are already young adults, and have already been steeped their entire young lives in secular humanism.

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