Reason 223: Because The Institution Speaks With A Forked Tongue

It’s anyone’s best guess why American elitists have fallen in love with Islam. We could go on about those reasons, but the nature of this blog deals with the ramifications for your children in a government institution that is controlled by those who think Islam is the greatest thing ever.

So we have this:

U.S. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION: Teachers Should Incorporate Islam In More Subjects

I find this to be the most telling excerpt that points out the futility of parental input, outrage, and attempts to control a system in which all control was lost long ago:

As parents across the country storm school board meetings over a perceived overemphasis on Islam in the curriculum, bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. are suggesting ways teachers can focus more on the religion.

What do you do with a system that speaks loudly out of both sides of its mouth, and carries a very big stick while it’s doing it?  Is there separation of religion and state or not? Is favoring one religion over another constitutional, or isn’t it? Of course, if this is what you’re asking, it’s the wrong questions.

Here’s what you need to ask. Who is the source of morality? Is it the state, or is it God? If it’s God, then why doesn’t the state teach His morality? If it’s the state, then why am I letting my children be taught that Islam is great, and Secular Humanism is the state religion? Maybe you like Islam. Then by all means, keep your children in the state schoolhouse. They will learn all about that religion in glowing terms. Maybe you hate Christianity. Then the state school is the place for you. You can count on your children being taught to hate it too, just like you do. But if the murderous ways of Islam creep you out a bit, then I have another question for you. Why in the world are you sending your child to an institution that’s going to do everything in its power to make Islam look like the savior of the planet?

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  1. What a totally depraved nation we have become!

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