Reason 225: Because Of Words

In the story of the Tower Of Babel, the language of those building the tower became confused. In like manner, the language of today is also becoming confused. The result is bound to be similar.

It’s difficult to express just how important words are, but this story helps. To begin with, keep in mind that our laws are nothing more than words. And for a judiciary to redefine the words in the laws on a whim is the same as changing the law itself. To redefine is to write law.

So we have this example from “Liberal Logic”:

Federal Court: Schools May Not Provide Separate Bathrooms Based on Biology

Here is the key passage that makes my point:

The court concluded that Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972—which prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex—should be interpreted as prohibiting discrimination on the basis of gender identity, as a Department of Education letter suggested in 2015. The ruling allows a lawsuit brought by a transgender student to proceed.

Just like that a couple of men “reinterpret” what has always been gender. And as a result, your schoolhouse looses. But worse your children loose… if you send them to the confused mess that is now that government building down the street. These ruling are coming down from on high. It’s out of your city’s, county’s and state’s hands. But it’s not out of your hands. No, in your hands remain the freedom to provide your child a rational and sane education.


H/T Glenn

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