Reason 226: Because Some In The Institution Actually Believe What It Teaches

Here is a sad story:

16-year-old girl beaten to death in high school bathroom in Delaware

Here’s the problem. How do the elites make themselves gods while at the same time destroying God? On the one hand, they need to dispell the silly notion that there’s an authority that trumps their own, and on the other they must insist that it’s wrong for us to kill each other. So, they explain man’s existence through a process they call survival of the fittest where only the fit survive to pass along their genes. And then they say it’s wrong to kill the weak.

Well this poor young soul won’t be passing along any genes. She was weak. She didn’t survive the schoolhouse and its thugs and bullies, who are strong.  And yet those who insist that survival of the fittest must be taught, and make laws to ensure it will be taught, and take action against anyone who questions its teaching, are the first to be shocked when their students live as if what they taught is true.

If this is the world you dream of, then the schoolhouse is the place you’ll definitely want to send your children off to for a good indoctrination. But if you think this smells a little like hell on earth, then do something different. Teach your children that they were created… by a creator, and that it’s wrong to kill each other; not because you say it is, or some Planned Parenthood butcher elitist says he thinks it is, but because God says it is.


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