Reason 227: Because Children Are Never Not Learning

We have an old adage around our house: “Most learning is caught, not taught.” But humans, for whatever reason, don’t think like that. We tend to think down the road of, “learning = lectures and schoolwork.”  But that’s not true.  I can remember the lyrics to an old country ditty from years back:

Oh, listen to the children while they play,
Now ain’t it kinda funny what the children say,
Skip a rope.

Daddy hates mommy, mommy hates dad,
Last night you shoulda heard the fight they had,
Gave little sister another bad dream,
She woke us all up with a terrible scream.

Cheat on your taxes, don’t be a fool,
Now what was that they said about a Golden Rule?
Never mind the rules, just play to win,
And hate your neighbour for the shade of his skin.

Stab ’em in the back, that’s the name of the game,
And mommy and daddy are who’s to blame.

Skip a rope, skip a rope,
Just listen to your children while they play,
It’s really not very funny, what the children say,
Skip a rope, skip a rope.

In these latter years of childrearing we have begun to think a little differently. When we see things we don’t like in our children, our first question is, are they getting that behavior from us? And many times that’s exactly where they’re getting it. It’s easier for a person to see the faults in someone else than it is to see them in themselves. Once we have identified the source of the problem we work on fixing it together.

But children in the schoolhouse spend most of their waking young lives there. And that parents send them there is a lesson in itself, a lesson they learn very well. One of those lessons is that you endorse whatever whacked out idea the schoolhouse is preaching in the short little era they’re attending. Right now it’s that the butchers at Planned Parenthood are just great and fight for your daughter’s right to murder her children, male and female are no longer biolgical facts but are rather subject to the whims of an individual, Marxism, radical Feminism, earth worship, Secular Humanism, guns are evil and people are good as well as anti-American and anti-Christian sentimment.  But there are lots more than just these few lessons.

But one of the most powerful influences on children in the schoolhouse is peers. Many bad lessons are learned there, probably more than the schoolhouse could ever hope to teach.  The schoolhouse is a cauldron of learning experiences, most of which is unintentional. But worse, it’s a cauldron in a rapidly deterorating society and culture that has lost its way.

The best thing is to try to have a little more control over what they’re taught. It’s called protecting them from ideas and themes that they’re much too young to process. Parents protect their children from being physically abused, and no one accuses them of attempting turn them into little hermits. But when someone wants to abuse their minds, why they’re all in for that.

The song is correct, in my oppinion. Children are given an advocate at birth. That would be you. We should never advocate that precious responsibility.


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