Reason 228: Because More Is Caught Than Taught

Yesterday I spoke of how children learn. With that in mind, today we look at an article concerning the up and coming religious holiday call “Earth Day”.

Earth Day Teaches Kids All The Wrong Lessons

A bit:

The chances that you’ll find a student whose goal is to one day extract fossil fuels more effectively or use genetically modified crops—or any real innovation, for that matter—to help the fortunes of billions of impoverished humans around the world is around zero. Most students will mimic what they hear, and claim to want to turn pond scum or discarded plastic bottles into eco-fuel. They get an A for caring… Many kids confuse science with environmental activism… “Science” means “panic over climate change.” “Innovation” means pretending to deal with it. And so “science week” at your local public school is probably more like “green week”

And all the while:

In many states science standards are plummeting, though the prevalence of green education programs is rising. Perhaps this is not coincidental. Children seem exceptionally concerned about overpopulation and a variation in the climate, which they are told portends dystopia despite all evidence to the contrary. “Science” means creating apprehension about human progress.

Great article. Please give them a click over there for the rest. It’s dead on. And a great reason to homeschool.



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