Reason 230: Because It’s Not Like Your Children Will Not Be Taught Worship

God made man to worship. Birds can’t not build nests. Beavers can’t not build dams. And man can’t not worship… something or someone; and yes, this is true for atheists too. And so the human beings running the schoolhouse can’t not teach worship… the only question is, what will they be taught to worship? And as we’ve seen, the “what” can get downright creepy, like our featured video today in honor of TBT.

Yep, everything’s just great now 7 and a half years hence. It’s a virtual Utopia.


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7 responses to “Reason 230: Because It’s Not Like Your Children Will Not Be Taught Worship

  1. Actually, I think your children WILL be taught to worship … just not anything remotely like Christian parents want them to.

  2. Are you saying they are being taught to worship here? I think they are just being taught to advertise and campaign or something. What am I missing? Point it out to me and I willl watch it again. Thanks.

    • I guess it depends on how one defines “worship”. Singing isn’t always worship, and worship is not always singing. But when we sing songs to an individual, by name, who’s going to “lead us” I’d call that worship. And there are others who think similarly:

      • Thanks. I will check out that link.

      • O.k., so in that news story it was a different song, and they said it was a religious song wherein Jesus’ name sas replaced. Is that the case with the video in the post also? Is it a religious song?

      • In a way they both were religions songs, in my opinion, because they were singing about their idol, Obama. To me, the song in the article had a more worshipful feel to it. But even the one that didn’t seem as much like worship to me, the one I posted in my comment, did seem like a worship song to others. The way I see it is that man was made to worship, and I think he’s going to worship something or someone, and see that someone or something as his savior and protector. I think these videos simply point to the Secular Humanist mindset that the state is their god, and so when a charismatic man comes along who represents the state, they will gladly worship him. Of course, again, how anyone sees this will depend on how they define that one word “worship”.

      • This is awful. Thanks for letting me know.

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