Reason 231: Because You Really Do Have The Time

Here’s a great article that helps to dispell a lot of deceptions:

How Much Time Does Homeschooling Really Take? 

Since most of us only know government schooling, we use that model as a reference point. The truth is, it should be the other way around. As we began our adventure in educating and indoctrinating our children at home, we learned through the years that the state model was extremely flawed. There’s government type certified conveyor belt education, and then there’s everything else. And it’s a mistake to measure everything else against a broken, bloated, corrupted, lost money laundering scheme, even if it does have a sign that says “schoolhouse” hanging on the fence that surrounds the compound.

This is an informative read. We’ve found it to be the case ourselves. And as we’ve academically tested our children every year, we are ever more confident that we have made the right choice, for reasons a lot more important than accademics.



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2 responses to “Reason 231: Because You Really Do Have The Time

  1. I was driving by a school the other day and noting how many people were lined up early in the car-rider line for pickups, and thought about how much time people waste every day with the logistics of getting to and from public schools.

  2. I hope you write and publish a book.

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