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Reason 222: Because Church Leaders Were Not Homeschooled

This may seem like an odd reason, so let me explain. I’ll start by strongly asserting that no one, not me, not you, not anyone, can live their lives in a culture and not be affected by it.  Like it or not, you’ve imbibed more of the culture than you realize, and you, right now, are believing some lie hat was implanted there by your culture. The same goes for me.  Fixing that starts by realizing that it is so. The next step is to ferret out untruths through prayer and steeping one’s self in the Bible. The vast majority of church leaders, even great ones whom I admire, have not realized the need for this first step.

One of the most insidious problems is that we live in a material worshipping culture. So it only stands to reason that we are “materialist” to some degree, and in that degree are caught up in materialism. Why else would a parent, who abhors everything that the ACLU, the butchers at Planned parenthood, the LGBT, GLSN, the Atheists stand for, send their children to an institution that is controlled by these very organizations?  The answer is materialism. There is a fear that their little Johnny will not get that good education and will then not be able to enjoy the material comforts of our modern society. And they fear that so much, that they will ignore the ever increasingly blatant reality that the schoolhouse is the worst place to send their children, and send them there anyway, just like most of the pastors and leaders in their churches do.

I’ve been going to church for about 25 years now, and I’ve heard almost nothing in those 25 years on child rearing. And not only will most of the children of the pastors walk away from their father’s faith, most of the children in the congregation will walk away too. And evidently it has never occurred to anyone that perhaps someone ought to rethink the past century’s approach to Godly childrearing. Let’s be honest. If we can’t save our own children, what gives us the idea that we’re going to have any impact at all on this world?

This brings me to an author I have a lot of respect for, and for whom I continue to respect. But he is wrong on this one issue. It is my guess that he, himself, spends scant time teaching his congregation to be disciplining parents, even though they’ve had very little help in that area except for what our disintegrating culture has taught. (…and maybe I’m wrong about his church, but I know I’m not wrong about almost every other church) But it’s worse than all that. Most pastors went to government schools, as did their parents. It would be nothing less than foolhardy to assume that many generations into the downward spiral of public education has had no impact on the way we all think.  But that’s just it. We really believe that we’ve escaped the downward spiral. Perhaps it’s because we’re not homosexuals, and nor or our children… yet. Or perhaps it’s because we’re decent human beings, at least compared to everyone else. Sure we check out the porn sites every now and then. And we’re paying HBO or “Game Of Thrones”. But we’re not like those child molesters and murderers and thief and all. Why we drive new cars and live in a nice neighborhood.   Sorry, We are all in the downward spiral together, and unless we begin to see that, we’ll never understand the huge part that our own educations in the public school played in our current deception.

This pastor’s name is Tim Challies, and he writes this article:

Stop Slandering Public School Teachers

I would take issue with Mr. Challies on three points. First, I’ve read his writings about his own childhood, how he would watch his parents read the Bible and pray, and demonstrate the Christian life before him. I’m sure that he does the same thing before his children, and I’m confident that his children will turn out fine, in spite of the institution’s intentions otherwise. But he will be, again, the exception. I hope he’s devoting a fair amount of time helping the parents in his congregation do the same thing. I hope he’s shepherding his congregation as fellow parents. But again, I doubt that he is. My guess is that his congregation is like most others who are losing most of their children to moral relativism and Secular Humanism. And in our modern day churchness, their children can abort their babies, fornicate, shack up, abandon their families, and marry people of the same sex right there in the church with much applause from the congregation on the grace of God.  Perhaps his church is doing marginally better than that. I hope that it is.

I also take issue with him on slandering teachers. I have friends who are teachers. I have a lot of respect for Christain teachers, or even just good teachers. But opposing the institution and its evils, as we all should be doing, does not equate to slandering teachers. Furthermore, a few good experiences had by a few people does not offset the evil being perpetrated on your children first, and on the culture as a whole, by the institution.  All evil institutions, if they’re actually are going to have an evil impact, cloak their evil in goodness and kindness.  One think I can say for certain, none of the good teachers spoken of by Mr. Challis, nor Mr. Challis himself, can preach the Gospel in the schoolhouse. But the Atheist is free to preach atheism, and the homosexual is free to preach sodomy, and the butchers at planned parenthood are free to preach promiscuity and murder. Now if that doesn’t give the good Christain pause, I’m not sure what would.

Third, Mr. Challis needs to realize that the institution is not an irreligious institution. I’ve heard it said that if you want to know about water, don’t ask a fish. In the same way, I would say that if you want to know about Secular Humanism don’t ask a Westerner, because he is so surrounded and steeped in it that he doesn’t even realize that it’s his own state’s established religion. Would Mr. Challis send his child to a Muslim school? Or a Buddist school? And then would he defend the “teachers’ when someone pointed out that perhaps that’s not the greatest idea for a Christian parent? I’m guessing not. But Mr. Challis is sending his children to a Secular Humanist school, and he has no problem with that. The reason? No one can live their lives in a culture and not be affected by it.


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Reason 221: Your Children Will Have Lots Of Good Memories

When we started out with our homeschooling, having spent our young lives in the public schoolhouse, we simply attempted to do what the state does. We had whiteboards, chalkboards, class schedules, and a similar palate of courses. That didn’t last long for a lot of reasons, mainly that reality didn’t cooperate. We began to observe that our children were natural learners, as are all children. The worse thing you can do to young children is to stuff them into a chair and force them to learn. They’re going to learn whether you want them to or not. And if learning is fun, they’re going to learn even more.

Here’s a great article along these lines of thought:

80% of kids want their parents to read to them and, relatedly, we’re kinda famous

We did a lot of reading to our children when they were young. I highly recommend it. It creates a learning environment, it teaches a love for reading, it presents opportunities to talk about situations and morality, and it creates wonderful memories. 

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Reason 220: Because The Effects Of The Schoolhouse Compound Over Time

The effects of compounding interest are an amazing thing. A small amount of money receiving interest over a lifetime will explode. The schoolhouse is similar. The Facebook video below kind of makes my point. It is of a woman shooting her children’s iPhones with a shotgun. But she seems oblivious that the problem is not with the iPhones but with her children. But Most likely, if she wants to dig deep enough she’ll find that the problem is even deeper than that. To get at the root of the problem, she might start by looking in the mirror.

What she will see in that mirror is a daughter of Adam, and there’s only one cure for that. I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that she was raised in the Bible Belt, which is unfortunate in some ways because that region gave people a sense of morality without the source of morality. She was probably sent to the schoolhouse her whole life and taught there that the only acceptable source for morality was the god/state while the true source, God, was hidden and forbidden. She was probably raised by parents who were exposed to the same thing, but to a lesser degree. Now she’s sending her own children to the same schoolhouse, and she now thinks she can turn all that around by shooting their phones. Here’s the video:

“I Hereby Denounce Social Media”

It wouldn’t surprise me if she spent her childhood in the Church where a lot of moralism was taught, but very little repentance and Jesus. My advice to her is to take a long look into that mirror, realize who she is before God, and then repent and beg for His mercy. Then, and only then, might she have a chance at salvaging her poor offspring, who are already young adults, and have already been steeped their entire young lives in secular humanism.

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Reason 219: Because There are A Million Ways To Corrupt Your Child In The Public School

Here’s but one:


A bit:

The universal refrain from the homosexual movement about criticism of the “gay” (GSA) clubs in the schools is that it’s all organized and run by students – not by adults. And that it’s simply a support group for “gay” students who are bullied in school and may even feel suicidal. The main messages, they say, are love and tolerance.

The truth – as we’ve seen over the years – is quite the opposite. One sees numerous radical (and often angry) adult activists connected with these “youth” clubs. The emphasis is on promoting the LGBT political agenda while encouraging sexual experimentation. Besides trying to make kids  comfortable with homosexuality and transgenderism, the adults work to disconnect the kids from their tradition-minded parents.

It’s simple really. This article points to but one brick in a massive wall:

Objective 1: Separate children from their parents using the schoolhouse.

Objective 2: Take control of the schoolhouse.

Objective 3: Destroy objective morality through moral relativism/secular humanism.

Objective 4: Make your child a slave of the god/state

But you don’t have to send your child down this path. It’s still legal for a short time to save your child from the public school.


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Reason 218: Because Government Education Is In Freefall

Here’s a little joke. And as with all jokes, to be funny it must involve truth. This little joke, however, hits too close to reality to be funny:

Screenshot (218)

Secular Humanism, and its expression in multiculturalism, wrongly, an arrogantly wrongly I might add, supposes all cultures to have a willingness to submit to the god/state, and the rest of the elitist’s whacked out ideas of Utopia.  Islam will not submit. But it will make the secular humanist submit, which it will willingly do. We know it will willingly wilt in the face of belligerence and violence because that’s exactly what it’s doing right now.  And if they have their way, your children will be bowing to it too. And when Islam has its way, then any hope of sensible environmentalism will be lost for a long time.

Put your children on the ark, that is homeschooling. It’s still legal, and you and your family will be much better off for doing it.



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Reason 217: Because Just “Walking Out” Won’t Do.

Today is the DOS (Day Of Silence)  that ought to give every discerning parent insight into exactly who’s in control of the schoolhouse they’ve been sending their child to, and who is involved, and has been given lots of leeway in forming their malleable minds. This day, April 15th, is to be the DOS for all the bullying of an exalted group deemed victims, among exalted groups deemed victims.

Here is a nice little poster. But it ask anyone to go far enough. It is therefore misguided:

Screenshot (219)

If you’re sending your child to this institution, you must understand that the government schools discriminate. They decide who will be given say over who it will allow a DOS for, and for who it will reject and malign. It’s still hard for most every-day parents to realize just how radical the institution has become, but suffice to say, if you have a view of human sexuality and family that’s anything like what has been historically held, your friendly neighborhood schoolhouse is opposed to you and your ideas. From the head of the head of the Department of Education, the President, down to many, if not most, of those who serve on the local boards, along with the many organizations such as the ACLU, LGBT, the butchers at Planned Parenthood, and a host of others, you, dear parent are seen as the enemy to what they see as progress. And this is true, not merely on this day, but every single day. This confederacy of evil sees it as their cause to turn your children against you, and human history… every day. Don’t think you’re going to make a statement or a difference by keeping your child home this one day, and then turn right around and send them back to the very institution that sponsored it tomorrow. You won’t. You will simply confirm , perhaps even your children’s indoctrinated suspicions, that you are simply being hateful and bigoted.  The only way you’re going to make a difference is to walk your children out, and then keep them out. Only then, if they’re still young enough, will you salvage them. It’s still legal, and it’s much easier than you think, and you and your child will reap a lifetime of rewards. Otherwise, do yourself a favor. Pay no attention to the rot going in that big flat-roofed windowless government building you’re sending your child to every day, and keep pretending that it’s 1977. Who knows, maybe it will all magically go away.

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Reason 216: Because Undoing What The Institution Does Is Harder Than You Think

I thought this meme was apropos for the institution. You think you can teach your morals while the school teaches its science. That is foolhardy thinking. Little Johnny might not learn much science. But you can bet he’ll come out of the system as a solid secular humanist, ready for serfdom in the god/state empire. And who would know that better than one of the first and most worshipped secular humanists of all?

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Reason 215: Because The Schoolhouse Doesn’t Know The Difference Between A Good Gun And An Evil Man

When you are in a society that worships the god/state, then the god/state is the only one that can be trusted to carry a gun. A policeman, therefore, at the schoolhouse, with a gun, is A-okay. A dad, not so much. Because only those certified by the state to be righteous enough to be armed are righteous enough to be armed… unless the righteous policeman is protecting himself against a black thug, then perhaps not so much. But we won’t talk about that because it gets too confusing. Suffice it to say that people don’t kill people, guns do, and so guns are evil… or something like that.

So here we have a man free to carry his weapon onto the schoolyard. But the schoolhouse pretends that the man is evil, because he has an evil gun. No, he’s not shooting up the joint like so many others have done. In fact, they would be fortunate to have him there to protect them in case one of their students or graduates happen to take their survival-of-the-fittest mantra to heart.

But we all know the score. It has nothing to do with the gun really but rather it has everything to do with an armed citizen, who ought to be an unarmed slave, which is the ultimate goal of the schoolhouse.

Fascinating read:

When Dad Brings Handgun Into His Toddler’s Music Class, School Officials Can’t Legally Stop Him. So Here’s What They Do Instead.

A bit from the article:

And the school’s response to the father’s actions — all procedural, WOOD-TV reported — has been extensive: Police and administrators escorted the armed father to and from the class, and while he’s there the school is on lockdown.

Hmmm. If only Columbine had thought of this. Don’t raise your boys to be a castrated little serfs, not knowing the difference between a tool and evil. Keep them home, and teach them to respect all tools, including those used to defend freedom against despots and tyrants.

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Reason 214: Because There’s Only One School Where Everyone Feels Welcome

…and that’s your homeschool. It’s a pipe dream, of course, that the elitists have. They envision a happy Utopian world in which everyone is accepting of everyone else. And if you disagree with them on that, you will not be accepted. But same as with most leftist’s fantasies, it’s an impossible dream, and there is no organization that knows this to be true better than the “Counsel on American Islamic Relations”, (CAIR) who, like many other power brokers who want to have their say in your child’s indoctrination, is smart enough to know that its future depends on today’s schoolhouse.

Here’s an interesting article on this subject:

What US Schools Are Now Doing For Muslims Is Unreal

Leave your religion at home folks, unless you’re not a Christain.


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Reason 213: Because The Institution Is Intolerant

Those who complain the loudest about tolerance, of course, are the most intolerant of all. That’s because they redefine words, one of them being the very word “tolerance”, which now means, we will not tolerate any other view but our view.

When you hear someone preaching tolerance best to do what you can to protect your children from abuse… like get them out of the “tolerant” school system:

Four-Year-Old Expelled on Behalf of LGBT “Tolerance”

All you need to know from the story:

A Colorado preschool has booted a 4-year-old after her parent’s questioned the administration about its curriculum promoting homosexuality and transgenderism.

YOU! will not question your superiors or YOUR! children will not be tolerated.

I hope the parents take the cue and give their child a reasonable education at home.


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