Reason 234: Because A Thug Mentality Brings Out The Worst In The Schoolhouse Management

Yesterday we saw a girl being beaten by her peers because she wouldn’t help them cheat. Today, we see more of the same:

UPDATE: SC teacher suspended after questioning standardized tests

Just remember one thing, when you’re dealing with government bureaucrats collectively, you’re dealing with thugs.  They’re like maggots under a rock, and they DO NOT like for that rock to be lifted up. Also, keep in mind there are millions of laws, codes and regulations at their disposal by which they can turn you into a criminal before you can say bankruptcy.

It’s so sad to see good teachers who are so naive that they still think the schoolhouse exists to teach children. No! If you want children to be taught you will keep them far from the schoolhouse.

The core issue with Common Core is money if you haven’t figured that out yet. In that way it’s no different than other issues. There’s an enormous amount of money invested in this latest savior program; and when it comes to money, it’s better to try to take a rack of ribs away from a hungry lion than to mess with the bureaucracy machine.

Here are some interesting parts of the letter this teacher wrote that precipitated the institution’s ire:

“I object to forcing children to sit through hours of bubble tests when they don’t even understand what they are doing and why they are doing it,” Happel wrote in her letter. “This is inhumane.”

Happel, a mother of two, taught for 25 years in Wisconsin before she moved to South Carolina last fall and joined the West Oak Middle School staff. Unlike Wisconsin, parents cannot opt their children out of standardized tests in South Carolina, and Happel thinks it’s unfair.

“We need help getting a law in South Carolina to opt out,” she said.

And while Happel’s most immediate concerns center on her students, she’s also troubled by broader issues with what she terms the “federal invasion” of public education through President Obama’s Race to the Top education initiative, which incentivized states to participate in the national Common Core curriculum and associated tests.

“The scores are sent to the state education departments, which sends them to the federal department of education,” Happel said. “The constitution says education is a state’s right, not a federal right.”

How dare she say such things. Now Mrs. Happel is being shown some of the “tolerance” that the schoolhosue teaches its students.  Maybe she’ll learn then to understand that she’s just a cog in the machine, and to not imagine otherwise.

But as for you, she has a point. When it comes to the thugs and bullies at the government schoolhouse, best to keep them at a safe distance from your children.

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