Reason 239: Because Anyone Who Stands Against The Machine In The School House Will Loose

And their losses are orchestrated from way up the ladder of authority.

Here we have a story of two very mixed up girls who want to both be lover prom queens:

Teen Lesbian Couple Tries to Get Elected ‘Prom Queens.’ Their School’s Got a Heck of a Response

This part of the story is not surprising:

Lack and her girlfriend, Jenna Waite, wanted to run as a couple — so they petitioned to have the categories done away with so that classmates could elect same-sex couples on a joint ticket. And Lack says they received a tremendous amount of support:

“It got by popular vote. So… a lot of people voted for us. But it got halted at admin, because they decided that it has to be traditional and keep it with a boy and a girl.”

We can expect a student body with about 10 years of government indoctrination in California to be all in for any kind of perversion. But this sort of surprised me a little:

Foothill Principal Jim Bartow explained the school’s decision [to overide the vote]:

“This was a decision made to promote gender equality, not heterosexuality. Having two prom queens would be unfair to the boys. It’s got to be equal for both genders, and that’s what it’s all about.”

He then pointed out that both Lack and Waite were still eligible to be candidates for prom queen, and were both welcome to run.

Okay. Three guesses as to how this will turn out… and the first two don’t count. Of course, we know that the ACLU is riding in to the rescue:

Dear Mr. Bartow:

It has come to our attention that Foothill High School has a policy that same-sex couples may not be nominated for the king and queen roles at proms or school dances. In particular, it is our understanding that Foothill High School recently refused to allow a senior, Hayley Lack, and her girlfriend to be nominated for prom king and queen. Positions to be decided by student vote at the Foothill High School prom on May 7. I’m writing to inform you that this policy violates the constitutional and statutory rights of gay and lesbian students and must be rescinded immediately.

Students have a recognized free expression right to bring same-sex dates to the prom, and that right extends to running for prom king and queen. As a federal court in Mississippi found more than five year ago, “this expression and communication of her viewpoint [bringing a same- sex date to prom] is the type of speech that falls squarely within the purview of the First Amendment.”

The expression courts have found inherent in bringing a same-sex date to the prom—the expression of a sexual orientation, the statement of equality for same-sex couples, and the challenge to traditional gender roles—is no less true of a student and her female prom date seeking the titles of prom king and queen. If anything, it would only amplify all these messages for the same-sex couple to seek and potentially win prom king and queen.

It is also plainly illegal under applicable law—the U.S. Constitution, the California Constitution, and the California Education Code—to discriminate against students based on sexual orientation. The nomination form for prom king and queen allows students to nominate couples, and it is our understanding that different-sex couples are often nominated for and elected prom king and queen. To prohibit same-sex couples from engaging in an activity regularly allowed different-sex couples is discrimination based on sexual orientation.”

One man standing against a massive machine. He will fold or lose his job. In either case, the losers will still be those unfortunate souls whose parents sent them to be trained by the butchers at Planned Parenthood, Carl Marx, GLSN, and of course the ACLU… to name just a few.

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