Reason 240: Because The Schoolhouse Isn’t Experiencing Cultural Rot, It’s Leading The Charge

Here is an article I find to be fascinating:

Teacher Who Had Sex with Minors Wore a Necklace to Her School That Just Says It All…

I find it fascinating, not because of the obvious, but because of the blindness of those on my side of things. It amazes me how many articles I read, for example, that use feminine pronouns for men. I guess they never heard that those who frame the debate win the debate… and they always win the “debate” even if they have to do it by force.

So in this article we see this:

In 2014, there were 781 reported cases of teachers and other school employees accused or convicted of sexual relationships with students, according to The Washington Post.

Many believe there is a reason that this conduct has ballooned over the last 10 years :social media.

This reminds me of the movie, The Jerk, where Steve Martin thinks that the man attempting to shoot him hates the oil cans that are behind him because the shooter missed him.

To blame the explosion of teacher/student sex on social media, while ignoring everything else that the school teaches is absurd on its face.

And here is another quote that connotes our moral corruption as a society:

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Wilfinger follows a slew ofother teachers who have recently been charged with inappropriate student/teacher sexual misconduct.

This is only “inappropriate” behavior. But in a society as highly sexualized as ours, one that even conservatives wink at all kinds of sexual sins, what should we expect? When our society has rejected absolutes and has passed that rejection along to the schoolhouse to be fed into the minds of millions of poor young souls starting as early as four years old, what other word might we use?  And how long will it take for “inappropriate” to become, perhaps just: “not the best choice”? Once the walls are taken down, the mud pours where it wills. How long before the ACLU and the NEA step in and stop this shameless harassment of teachers who are only doing what they’ve been taught to do their whole lives with students who have been taught the same thing? Soon I’m sure. And still, parents will send their children to this mess.

But it doesn’t have to be that way for you and your family. God is still on the throne, and it’s legal for you to give your child a decent education and to indoctrinate him with absolutes. Future generations, those yet to survive the womb, will one day thank you for doing it.


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