Reason 241: Because The Institution’s Never Going To Be Honest About Their Plans For Your Children

“Orwellian” is an adjective describing creepy names for creepy organizations and bureaucracies that are the opposite of what the group is actually up to. The job of the Ministry Of Truth, for example, is to hide the truth. And the Ministry Of Peace was anything but peaceful.

Orwell was looking forward with amazing insight. We can see it in this article:

Congress Plotting to Psychologically Profile Children

I’m not so sure however it’s congress up to no good. Its main goal seems to be to keep the media off it’s back and get reelected. We know that they’re too busy doing that to read the million page monstrosities called “laws” that they load up on the backs of Americans every year. But not so with the Democrat party hacks, shakers and movers. We learn what we need to know from this article concerning who’s behind it from the first line:

After passing an Obama-backed education bill that undermines parental rights and state and local control over schools under the guise of making every student “succeed,” Congress is plotting its next unconstitutional “education” scheme: a bill to fund psychological testing and profiling of your child  and the data-mining to go with it. Under the scheme, which already sailed through the U.S. Senate late last year, schools would vacuum up huge amounts of data on students, including information on their “social and emotional learning,” attitudes, values, beliefs, and more.

You’ve gotta love the name of the new law:

The legislation, dubbed Strengthening Education Through Research Act, or SETRA, purports to re-authorize and fund an array of expired unconstitutional Bush-era federal programs under the Education Sciences Reform Act. The Senate SETRA bill was shepherded through with “unanimous consent” and no recorded vote by Republican Senator and former U.S. Education Secretary Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, one of the key figures behind the Orwellian Obama-backed monstrosity known as the “Every Student Succeeds Act” (ESSA). Along with other establishment Republicans, Alexander conspired with the Obama administration,as they bragged later, to cement Common Core in place nationwide and shred parental rights with the unconstitutional ESSA statute. All the while, Alexander and others pretended that the bill restored state and local control over education. While the new SETRA scheme passed easily in the Senate, the legislation is currently being held up in the House amid a massive public outcry surrounding privacy rights, parental rights, and other concerns.

But it’s a miracle that you don’t have to subject your child to the madness that is government education and indoctrination. But it’s a miracle that you must act on.


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