Reason 242: Because Envy Is The Root Of Much Stupidity

“Equality” carved from the emotion, envy, is the best idol to exalt over the masses if you want to control, manipulate and eventually enslave them. It’s great because it’s impossible to define and so therefore it’s impossible to achieve.  It can mean what any one person wants it to mean and in a vague sense it means what everyone feels like it means. And we all know that everyone has one reason or another to feel worse off than any other given person. So envy is effective because it’s not a thoughtful concept but an emotional one. Whether Marx knew that or not I don’t know. He perhaps was so overcome by envy that he himself had no clue.

But here we are, living in a society ripe for such a futile cause. We were made ripe by the established religion of our land, Secular Humanism, which teaches that each individual is self-oriented. That is to say that it has been trained in mass to look inward, not outward, for a reference point, and in doing so, thinking has become the defeated enemy of emotion. It’s much easier to join some futile cause due to feelings than to think the cause through; to examine the complex and myriad reasons things are how they are, and to examine one’s own contribution to the same. It’s much easier to look around and feel bad that a poor mother who can’t afford to feed the baby in her womb, and so support murdering that child than it is to see reality in light of the higher order that exists all around.  Sex is a procreative act. It has purpose beyond pleasure. And murder is not the solution for mitigating that purpose. Marriage and family IS.

But marriage and family are opposite of equality. It is a unit with an unequal partnership. That’s the reality, and try as man might, he will never undo it. He will only succeed in undoing himself, like the man who jumps off a cliff to prove that the inequality of the bird’s ability to fly is unfair.

All of this to set the stage for my article today:

School cancels Father-Daughter Dance — not ‘inclusive’ enough

Of course it’s exclusive. Not everyone can be a father and a daughter. It excludes mothers and sons. The average person is thoughtful enough to understand this, though he will also understand the complaint, and many times will fall prey to the complaint because he’s been programmed to be emotional and not thoughtful. so let’s look at this:

  1. I’m confident that a mother-son dance would not raise any ire even though it would necessarily require exclusivity. Why? Envy and equality. In the article it is pointed out that anyone can come. But that’s not enough. It has “fathers” in it, and “fathers” is an oppressive concept.
  2. Inclusivity, like the cloth it’s cut from, equality, is impossible and vague which means it can be manipulated to control the thoughtless masses. It’s an Orwellian concept which means we can exclude those who think differently about how we feel about including everyone.

Everyone needs a father. Anything that bolsters fatherhood in this fatherless generation is a good thing; which is why it’s hated. But you don’t have to subject your family to this insanity. You can keep your children home and teach them objective reality. If you do that, they will be a part of the rebuilding, and not part of the collapse.

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