Reason 245: Because When You Lift Up The Rock Of The Institution, Don’t Be Surprised To Find Maggots

The public education arm of the homosexual agenda is probably GLSEN. (Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network) I can remember Bill Clinton cozying up with this bunch 20 years ago, but I’m sure they were around long before that. But what do we see when we look what’s underneath these sorts of groups who get red carpet treatment at your child’s school?

We get a glimpse of what’s under that rock in this article from “American’s For Truth About Homosexuality”.

Holiday Inn Cleveland-South and Embassy Suites Hotels in Independence, OH Host ‘CLAW’ Homosexual ‘Leather’ Perversion-Fest – Features ‘Fisting’ Class

The article is basically about this:

  • Two Cleveland hotels, Holiday Inn Cleveland-South and Embassy Suites, both in Independence, OH, jointly sponsor homosexual “leather weekend” conference called CLAW. Holiday Inn also hosted the deviance celebration last year;

So what do they do at “CLAW”? Well here’s a couple of things:

  • CLAW celebrates the most extreme and vile sexual behaviors invented by sinful men–including Fisting, Rimming, Scat, Watersports (involving urine), Master-Slave “relationships,” and a twisted “Puppy” fetish in which men become human “dogs” for their “masters.” This is sexual anarchy and as sick and satanic as it gets;

In the day of “Google”, no one has to wonder what “Fisting, Rimming, Scat, etc. is. They can look it up with a few clicks. If you do look it up you’ll find the underbelly of the respectable side of what you are told are the institution’s plans for your child’s mind. And yes, right there in the midst of all these wonderful organizations sex-partying it up in Cleveland is GLSEN:

  • The non-profit CLAW calls itself a “charity” and raises money for homosexual activist groups like GLSEN, PFLAG and Equality Ohio.

Sending a child into the mess that is the public school is not normal. It feels normal because everyone else is doing it right now. But in the context of history, it’s not at all normal. Yet many still do, even knowing these things.

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