Reason 246: It’s A Long Term Solution

Our world has come to the place it has, a world that argues about the definition of words “male”, “female”, “marriage”– but worse than that, words like: “good” and “evil”–not because people voted for the wrong leaders, but because people were trained to vote for leaders who were going where they want to go. There’s one ironclad law when it comes to representative government; a law that is as unmoving as the law of gravity. That law is “Politics is downstream of culture”.

Not in the wildest dreams of the poor soul struggling with an attraction to the same sex in 1950 would he have dreamed of redefining marriage to accommodate his deviancy. The thought of running for office with “marriage equality” would not have ever crossed his mind. Not so today. No, the person running today must be for the new definition of marriage, and he must reject the definition that has always been in place up until now. So what changed first? The government, or those who elect the government? That’s an easy answer, and if you want to know how an entire culture was transformed, you need look no further than that sprawling, windowless, flat-roofed, government building just down the street.

But there is a long-term solution. And that’s why I’m posting this meme today:

Screenshot (232)

What we’ve come to are two political parties that are vastly different in most ways, but which reject God. Sure, perhaps one more than the other, but both are increasingly God hating. Both candidates this year will only pay lip service to the God of the Bible and how he tells us to order a society. The will do this confident that those who are hearing what they want to be told will not know any better, such is the state of discipleship in homes and churches. They will pay bookoos of lip service about how they’re going to fix all the problems that have come our way as a result of rejecting God’s order. We don’t know what they’ll promise, but we can be sure it will mean more laws and less freedom.

So if you want freedom for your children, and especially your children’s children, you won’t let the power-hungry government-god/state anywhere near their precious young minds.

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