Reason 247: Because The War In The Schoolhouse Is Already Lost

President Obama has been revolutionary in a lot of ways. For decades his party has been doing everything in its power to remove God and replace Him with the state. But if you listened to only their words all those years you’d think just the opposite. In fact, Obama proclaimed during his first campaign to be in favor of the traditional definition of marriage. But everyone knew that he didn’t mean it, except, maybe, for the stupid Christians who just wanted to believe him. We know this because only a few years later Chik-Fil-A founder, S. Truett Carthy, said the exact same thing and it resulted in a national uproar. Why? Because, unlike candidate Obama, no one doubted that Cathy meant it.

But soon after Obama was elected–even before facing reelection–he came out of the closet… so to speak. For the first time in a very long time the democrat party’s words matched their actions when it came to the homosexual agenda. Generation after generation had been indoctrinated incrementally in the government schoolhouse; and now Obama was gonna see just how indoctrinated America was. He and his God hating allies were not dissapointed in the fruits of thier labors.

Make no mistake that the war on God burns hottest in the arena of children’s minds. As we are emersed in all that is going on around us, it’s difficult to grasp just how far we’ve fallen. For us it’s completely normal to have discussions that involve whether or not two men should be able to “marry” each other. But do you understand that? Do you grasp that we are asking such questions?  But the reality is that the discussion is over. The Supreme Court simply decreed that that one word had a new meaning, and it ain’t what it used to mean. Now comes the fallout. And much of it will involve your children’s minds. The doors to the schoolhouse, if anyone was attempting to resist the insantity, were blown wide open.

The new battle is over whether boys should be able to use the girl’s restrooms and locker rooms. It has been decreed also, from the very top of the hierarchy, the very head of the administrative branch, that we can no longer define male and female in the schoolhouse the way those words have been defined throughout all of history. Do you grasp that? Is that settling in? Think about it. As a militant and very violent religion invades Europe with the promise of making their way here too, we are having a discussion on whether or not boys should be able to use the girl’s potty.  I’m not sure what’s more staggering of a realization: that this is actually happening, or that masses of people are still sending their children to them for indoctrination.

The war is lost. No matter who wins this election, the winner will either surely steamroll ahead with this insanity, or will probably steamroll ahead.  The schoolhouse is an enemy to normal… from the top down, and your little school in rural Georgia or wherever will not escape. There is only one hope. Do not send your child off for an insane government to indoctrinate. It’s really that simple.

Obama’s transgender decree to public schools: what to do now

Think your schools are different? Well, even if they were (and they weren’t), they’re not any more. Obama is about to issue an executive letter telling all public schools to allow transgender students and staff to use whatever bathroom they like. Yes, that means sexually confused, unstable, and perverted boys and men entering your girls’ locker rooms and bathrooms—backed by the full faith and credit of the United States government.

The directive, which multiple liberal media outlets have called a “decree” from on high, is said not to have the actual force of a law, but, according to Rueters, it “contains an implicit threat that schools which do not abide by the Obama administration’s interpretation of the law could face lawsuits or a loss of federal aid.”

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2 responses to “Reason 247: Because The War In The Schoolhouse Is Already Lost

  1. And people wonder why most Christians, including me, believe we are living in the end times. What a sad, sad country this has turned out to be.

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