Reason 250: Because Even Though The Schools May Look Different, They’re All Cut From The Same Cloth

I grew up in a very rural part of America. I began school in the little schoolhouse just down the street which was a picture of the old going out and the new coming in because of the schoolhouse itself. It consisted of an old and a newer section.  The newer section was a small addition that housed a lunchroom and 4  classrooms. It was a typical 1960’s government design. Rectangular, metal rectangle windows, and of course a flat roof. The old section had four classrooms that were at each corner of an auditorium. Its roof had a high pitch and its windows had a grid pattern; they were tall and were made of wood.  all of this gave it character and personality. The two buildings standing there together provided a nice juxtaposition of eras; the old and the new.

But there was nothing rural about the education that went on inside. It was straight from Washington whose agenda was being installed into my head even then, and even way our there in the sticks… an agenda that I lived by for years much to my shame. Fortunately, I figured out that the whole thing was nothing but a great big fat lie. So the thought of putting my children out on the side of the street every morning for the yellow monster to eat up never even entered my head.

No matter where you live, your schoolhouse is a different culture than yours and is controlled from on high by the state. It may look different than those on the “bad side” of town, and it may have newer paint and all, but’s it the same old schoolhouse teaching the same old religion on the inside… because that’s the law.

So I found this. It’s a short clip from the documentary “indoctrination”, a surreal little video that takes a deep look at American schools from a Christian perspective:

If you haven’t seen the documentary “Indoctrination”, please do. Click here for the info. But if you want to keep thinking that somehow your situation is different, then please don’t watch this film, because it ain’t different. Yes, the state is doing everything it can to turn your child into a mindless slave that worships that same state. It’s in the state’s best interest to do this. But it’s not in your best interest to let them. And it certainly isn’t in your child’s best interest.

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