Reason 251: Because It Makes Government Union Thugs Mad

I consider it nothing less than a miracle, especially considering the free-for-all power grabs by an ever-increasing centralized government, that it’s still legal to homeschool in America. And I’m so glad it is because I wouldn’t want my love for my children to be criminalized.

And yes, I realize that I still have to pay the taxes for something I don’t use. But I don’t think of it as taxes. I consider it tribute… the same kind of tribute the poor baker in Chicago paid to Guido for protection from Guido, and the same kind of tribute Jesus was willing to give Ceasor, who’s time was short in light of eternity. They could care less about education anyway. They’re all about the money, and so I have no problem paying mine.  In return, I get to keep my children.

With this in mind here is an interesting article from National Review:

Terry McAuliffe to Virginia Homeschoolers: ‘You Can’t Have That Privilege’

As I’ve said here so many times before, the Teacher’s Unions are the ACLU. And the ACLU is the LGBT. And the LGBT is the Democrat Party. And the Democrat Party is Planned Parenthood, and planned parenthood is the public school system, and so on. They are all one in lock step.

The “privilege” spoken of in this article is the ability to use what has been paid for in taxes. But evidently these poor homeschoolers think that their taxes are taxes. They are wrong. “Taxes” is another one of those morphing, euphemistic words. Even fines from the Affordable Care Act were considered taxes by our illustrious Supreme Court. Whatever. Just leave me alone, please.

A bit from the article, but it’s a fine article, so be sure to read the whole thing:

Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe is a defender of privilege. Earlier this week, the first-term Democrat vetoed a bill that would have let the commonwealth’s homeschooled students play sports and otherwise participate in extracurricular activities at their local public schools. “Participation in athletic and academic competitions is a privilege for students who satisfy eligibility requirements,” McAuliffe said. Curious. We hear a lot about privilege these days — mostly in the racial context. We don’t often hear big-shot Democrats referring to the free public-school system as a bastion of privilege. But homeschooling has a crazy-making effect on liberals — especially those whose campaigns are funded and staffed by the teachers’ unions, which despise homeschooling and, to an increasing extent, homeschoolers.

I don’t know how much longer it will be legal to keep your children from the state’s plans for their minds. But for now it is legal, and, again, I consider that a miracle.
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