Reason 255: Because Of 15210 Hours

A friend did a little math and concluded that by teaching her children at home she will have experienced 15210 hours with them that would have otherwise been hours spent under the supervision of an institution so twisted that it thinks that the butchers at planned parenthood are the best thing ever and that unnatural sex acts are the craze of the age, and that is confused about the definitions of words so basic as marriage, female and male.

15210 hours is a lot of wow moments. It’s a lot of discovery, conversation, relationship, and life including all the ups and downs that would have otherwise been handled in the campus culture with peers and people with less than good intentions for your children. But instead those hours were experienced with the two people that loved them the most. Rather than being under the authority of strangers, most of whom did not ever even  know her children’s names or any of the particulars that make them special and loved as children, those 15210 hours were spent with people who would gladly spill their blood for them.

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  1. Absolutely. I just wrote a post last night about homeschooling in order to keep the family central. This fits right in with that!

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