Reason 256: Because There’s No Place Like Home

A friend told me the other day that this was not as much a reasons-to-homeschool blog as it is an anti-government school blog. But it’s a small percentage of children who are educated in private schools, and even less at home. I will admit that I do consider private school better than public school, but I’m quick to add that the bar is very very low. And with private schools you still get the campus culture, and a conveyor belt education patterned after the public school failure.

…And then there’s this:

The Left Is Now Targeting Christian Schools In Its Potty Crusades

Leftists have only found one institution that they’ve not wanted to control, and that’s the family, which they’re doing everything in their power to destroy. They love, love, love centralized power because centralized power means slavery for the masses. It has been the family, and it’s power decentralizing effects, that will always stand between liberty and their “Utopia”.

The institution puts signs on its bathrooms and then it become confused about the meanings of the words on those signs. I’ve yet to see a home with signs over the bathrooms. Nor have I ever seen a home that spends a million times its income, and yet spends an enormous amount of energy fretting over the meaning of the words male and female like that was more important than their exploding credit card bill. Who would ever send their children for an education to a segment of the population that does something like that?

Maybe the private schools will survive this better than everything else. But please don’t blame me if I’m not willing to stake my children’s future on it.

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