Reason 258: Because Others Are Doing It?

Well, maybe that’s not a good reason. But others are doing it in increasing numbers. Here’s some interesting news from North Carolina:

In one state, more children homeschool than attend private schools. Why that shouldn’t shock you.

The article gets into the reasons this is happening, but it focuses on just a few of what it figures are prominent reasons… like Common Core, moral and religious teaching and such. As for me, I think it’s awesome. But I also realize that the more people who do this, the more attention it’s going to get from Goliaths like the NEA and the rest of the monsters who run the asylum. So we get this from the article:

The National Education Association, the country’s largest teacher’s union, declared in a 2011 resolution: “The National Education Association believes that homeschooling programs based on parental choice cannot provide the student with a comprehensive education experience.”

But, there is quite a gap between what the NEA believes about homeschooling and the actual results from homeschooling. According to Education News:

Recent studies laud homeschoolers’ academic success, noting their significantly higher ACT-Composite scores as high schoolers and higher grade point averages as college students. Yet surprisingly, the average expenditure for the education of a homeschooled child, per year, is $500 to $600, compared to an average expenditure of $10,000 per child, per year, for public school students.

Who’d a thought?  A child learns better when being taught by someone who’d give their very blood for that child than by a union thug*.



(*)Of course, there are lots of fine teachers in the system. But that’s just it, it’s a system. And if these fine teachers act like decent human beings they will be fired pronto. Because any decent human being would not lie to their students and tell them that they’re nothing but flesh machines and so… survival of the fittest.  And oh yea, if you act like, “survival of the fittest” we might put you in prison.  But decent people need to work, and they have a vocation. And for some, that vocation is teaching. And as for me, I’m glad they’re there. Thank you to all who slug it out in the system every day. You are a warrior.

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