Reason 260: Because You Want To Train The Heart According To Reality

There are two different philosophies when it comes to education. One is to enforce your will on the outside and hope the inside will come along behind. The other is to just change the inside, that is to say, to change the heart. We think the latter way is not only the right way but the only way to educate.

In this age, there seems to be a preoccupation with what a person does and not so much with what he thinks. We are told to, for example, refer to some men as a she even though we know he’s a he. We’re told to deny reality and create an alternate reality. We are to pretend that what is not, is.  With this philosophy, Law and coercion are king because it’s the externals that matter.

But we believe that it is the heart that must be trained. Sure, I don’t want my daughter to dress like a prostitute, but more than that I want my daughter to not want to dress like a prostitute. One requires law and external coercion. The other requires heart training. Keeping this in mind lets look at an article I found:

School District Ignites Controversy With Proposed Restrictions on ‘Leggings,’ ‘Skinny Jeans’ and ‘Other Excessively Tight-Fitting Pants’

It seems the schoolhouse is upset about what those poor souls placed in their charge are wearing. But It’s not because their attire makes them look like prostitutes and hoodlums. The way those in the schoolhouse see it, their choice of clothes is causing bullying. Who’d of thought?

But I found this comment by a parent most interesting:

“If bullying is the impetus, do a better job of teaching the kids to be nice. Don’t tell them how to dress.”

Here’s a parent who gets it… well kind of. He understands at least that it is the heart that needs to be trained. But he’s totally confused about who’s job that is, or to what higher order one should appeal in order to discover what “niceness” is. Apparently he’s fine with an institution that invites human butchers, God haters and the depraved in to help train his children, but he still wants them to train his children to be nice. Unfortunately, that’s what the institution actually has plans to do, but he might be surprised one day to discover that his definition of “nice” is different than the institution’s definition.

But that’s just it. Goodness and niceness are words that appeal to an order that supersedes our own wills and desires. It is not nice or good to lie. I think we all get that. But it’s also not nice to lie to someone with psychological problems by telling him that he doesn’t’ have a problem.  And it’s not nice to lie to those who know he has a problem by telling them that they’re the ones who have the real problem, then teach ohters to start calling those who now have the new problem not-so-nice names like ______phopes.  It’s not nice to teach generation after generation that they don’t have to think critically, that all they have to do is to call people names, and label them evil when those people have ideas that are different. In short, it’s not nice for a small group of people to turn the masses into slaves, which is exactly what all of this kind fo teaching prepares them to be. For the slave, the institution IS the higher order.

But the higher order supersedes the institution. And unfortunately for the institution, the higher order has always been, and it will always be. It is the reality. As for me, I’m teaching my children that they don’t get to decide right and wrong. They can only abide by it, or rebel against it. But I also do my best to train them to desire to abide by it. And dear friends, no institution can or will do that for you, nor were they ever meant to according to the higher order. This is one job, if you want it done right, you’ll want to do it yourself.



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