Reason 262: Because You Don’t Want Your Children To Be Idiots?

First a caveat. I’m sure there are children who have been homeschooled that are this clueless. And we can assume that some of the people who knew their history were not homeschooled. I have no problem with that. But what would people say if most of the homeschoolers being interviewed were this  ignorant? Well, that’s not the case, so I guess we’ll never know for sure. Yet we kind of do know… don’t we?

Still, there’s one thing I’m confident of: that most, if not all, of these people spent 13 years in the institution. And it was there that they got their “education”.

It would hurt me bad if my children were this ignorant, even at their current young ages. But what would hurt me more is if their compass always pointed inward, and they became laws unto themselves and were set on a course of destroying their lives through one bad moral decision after another.

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