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Reason 294: Because You Have Less To Fear

If we are to believe what we’re told, the only real place to have your children educated is the government certified, credited and approved schoolhouse. But reality doesn’t bear this out as we see in this article:

How Today’s Homeschoolers are Doing on the SAT

NHERI found that 13,549 homeschool seniors participated in the 2014 SAT. Of those seniors, homeschoolers scored an average of 567 in critical reading, 521 in mathematics, and 535 in writing. In comparison, the average SAT scores for all 2014 high school seniors were 497 in critical reading, 513 in mathematics, and 487 in writing.

It is worth noting that thorough analysis has not been conducted to predict if any other variables (such as demographics, income, and parent’s education) might be responsible for the above-average homeschool scores. However, this data strongly correlates with score trends seen in prior SAT and ACT research.

When we think of school we think of “critical reading, mathematics, and writing among other things, and oh how nice that would be. But whether we want to admit it or not, education involves the whole man. Don’t think that the institution is not taking advantage of their years with your child just to teach her reading writing and math.  No, they’ll be working on her mind and her morality too so that you’ll have an immoral child who can read and write.


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Reason 293: Because You Wouldn’t Throw Open The Doors Of Your Home For Just Anyone With An Opinion, Why Would You Do It WIth Your Child’s Mind

If you have bought the line that the schoolhouse down the street is all about education, you’ve bought a lie–hook, line, and sinker. The schoolhouse is like a fort with gates and gatekeepers. And those gatekeepers have the full power of the federal and state government behind them. They can and do deny entrance to any organization or people who might shed some light on the wool that is being pulled over the children’s eyes who attend there. But for those who are spreading horrible lies, like the butchers atPlanned Parenthood, who butcher children and sell their parts, the doors are swung open wide and the red carpet is rolled out.

Here is an article about a resolution passed in Portland Public schools under the guise of environmentalism. Never forget that when it comes to the public school, environmentalist support abortion, because humans are bad for the earth. And they also support Marxism, because too many people are using up too much of the earth’s resources. All of these groups and organizations support each other because they are each other.

The article:


From the article:

Portland Public Schools, the largest school district in Oregon, passed a Resolution on April 19, 2016 that ought to be called ‘How to brainwash 49,000 students and force teachers to teach communism’.

The objectives laid out in this Resolution are startling, revealing and directly aligned with the Green movement’s national plan, now underway, to politically indoctrinate America’s children.

The Portland Public Schools (PPS) Resolution No. 5272 is a “Resolution to Develop an Implementation Plan for Climate Literacy”. This Resolution gained national attention for banning books that question the validity of global warming claims. The Resolution states:

“PPS will abandon the use of any adopted text material that is found to express doubt about the severity of the climate crisis or its root in human activities.”

Your children are to believe that their government can actually adjust the temperature of the planet, if only… if only they will ensure that that government is given the power. They are to believe not only that their government can accomplish this god-like feat, but that it must  lest we all die!!! And for a thank you to your children for “doing their part” that same government will have the power to turn them into nice little slaves.

You want your children to know the truth while liars must suppress the truth. And the schoolhouse is a machine when it comes to suppressing the truth, a tool in the hands of those who have plans for the nation and your children.

But it’s still legal to educate them in a realistic view of reality. They don’t have to be given over to an alternate fantasy land that wherein god-like humans can make our climate better, and we can live life in peace and security with our Lords looking over us, and protecting us, and making sure that we never have a need. But it’s up to you to do this. No one else can, and no one else is going to.


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Reason 291: Because All God’s Children Are Different

One of my favorite chapters in the Bible is 1st Corinthians 12.  Paul, dealing with division in the Church speaks of the different gifts God gives to all, and how all those gifts collectively make up the Body of Christ. That chapter has had a big impact on me. The impact is not only in how I see the world but also how I see my children. They are unique individuals and not the product of some assembly line somewhere.

The state has always had one impossible problem when it came to a conveyor belt education, and now it has two. The first and enduring problem is with your child’s uniqueness. All the state can muster is a conveyor belt education which actually works for the children who fit the proper mold. For those who don’t, too bad, so sad. You expect too much.  But the recent problem is much worse and it’s based on the state’s interest. If you assume that the state really does have your child’s interest at heart, which it may have had in the beginning, it obviously doesn’t now. To make assume otherwise is one of the most hazardous and unsafe assumptions you’ll ever make, with really high stakes because the state school does not care about your child. The purpose of your child, as far as the state is concerned, is to justify the greedy money-laundering, power-grabbing, scheme we now call public school.  It exists to ensure that the next generation thinks the way the state wants it to think so that each so that each new generation may be more easily herded into the Marxist slave mentality the state needs it have.  And if the schoolhouse has had success in our day, it is in doing this.

Here is an interesting video by a young man who gets it:

I can remember many teachers humiliating me in front of the class. My 5th grade was a nightmare because I was sectioned off in one row of dumb or slow students. We always went last to everything as if to punish or humiliate us for “being slow”.  I have no idea what they thought they’d accomplish by that. (“They” because it was a husband and wife team who both adhered to each other’s policies in their perspective classes) School was not something that I graduated from per se, it was something I survived. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Sure, there are good teachers in there trying. But it’s hard, given the restraints put on those teachers by the state, for them to actually make up for the serious harm done to other students by bad, tenured teachers.

You may think that you’re not educated enough to homeschool. That’s what you’re supposed to think. But that’s just a big fat lie. Don’t sell yourself short. In many subjects my wife and I both learned with our children as we taught them.  Home schooling is exploding and the markets are meeting the new demand. There’s every imaginable kind of curriculum out there. And in these days we have You Tube, which is a virtual education in its own right. Get your children out of the state school yesterday. You will be better off. The nation will be better off. But best of all, your cildren will be better off.



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Reason 290: Because Anyone Can Do It, The Bar Is Really Low

Are you qualified to teach your children? There’s a quick and easy test you can take to answer that question. Get up one night, say at 3:00 am, and walk through your house looking in all the bedrooms. If there are little children sleeping in the beds in those bedrooms, you’re qualified. God’s mandate was never for you to send your child to the state to have her indoctrinated into folly. His mandate was to you dear parent, to raise your children in the fear and admonition of the Lord.

Somehow the state has sold us on the foolishness that they can do a better job of teaching our children than we can. They’re the experts, or so we’re told. And we’re morons, or so they imply. But the proof is in the pudding, which brings me to this article:

The Leftist Education-Media Complex

A bit:

If there is a more fundamental element to progressive ideology than the belief that the overwhelming majority of Americans are not only stupid, but wholly incapable of running their lives without progressive intervention, one is hard-pressed to imagine what it is. Yet despite all their self-professed brilliance, most progressives have blurred the critical distinction between two concepts that make all the difference in the world:

Stupidity — and ignorance.

And a little more from a teacher quoted in the article:

“In a dusty corner shelf of the room [in which I was substitute teaching] was a set of thirty-year-old textbooks from the mid-1960s. … I was astonished to find what I would now consider an upper-level college textbook under color of what in the high schools used to be termed ‘civics.’ … I spent the rest of the day in slack-jawed amazement, perusing what a student in a working-class town was expected to know before the mavens of education began tinkering with the curricula of our schools.”

One thing they’ve somehow tinkered with is plain old common sense, like in not knowing the difference between a male and female lack of common sense. Keep in mind the next time you feel insecure about your abilities to teach your children that the institution that claims to be the expert on educating those children are confused about what a male and female is, and which bathrooms they should use. I know that some parents are intimidated by the term “state-certified”.  In light of what is passing for intelligence in the institution these days, that seems downright odd to me. You’re God-certified. You were created for much more than to just procreate, but also to educate. Love is the most important ingredient in education, and that’s the one ingredient most lacking in the state institution.  Just do it. Your children will be better off, and so will you. Run, don’t walk, down to the madhouse and yank your children out of there.

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Reason 289: Because The “Safe School” Is The One In Your Home

One of the things about an Orwellian mentality is that it’s meant to deceive. When the institution starts a “safe schools” program, you can bet there’s a twist that you’re not supposed to catch. What they mean is that it is safe for whatever new behavior that has managed to purchase its ticket on the victimhood bus. It’s not safe at all for anyone else.

This is one of the best videos I’ve seen of a mother who finally, finally, finally gets it. It’s from Australia I believe but no matter. The whole of Western “civilization” is circling the drain:

Here are some quotes:

“I know my son best like all parents know their children best. He likes the capacity to understand certain things, and this would be one of them. The cross-dressing would be one of them.”

“I’ve also got a younger daughter… That would mean that she’s  sharing facilities, bathroom facilities, with a member of the opposite sex, and she doesn’t see male genitals at home so why would I send her to school possibly to see male genitals at school. I just don’t think that’s appropriate and, you know, it could mean that, she being only 7 and a year 12 boy might walk in and that’s frightening to me. I’m not saying the boys going to attack her or anything like that, but who would know where it leads? You just don’t know, you don’t know how far this is all going to go?”

“It’s warping their child’s way of thinking”

“This is where they will learn breast binding, penis tucking, and when I was going through this with my school last year at the bottom of the  breast binding page was about 5 or 6 links, now those links were adult website links. The worst one that I could see was the tool shed. It was called the tool shed, and it was where children could log on and look at or purchase adult content like sex aides, dildoes, strap-ons, you name it… and I’m still waiting, still waiting, for the person to be held accountable for putting those links on a youth website.”

This is a must-watch in my opinion, no matter where you live. And for the record, “safe schools” is a pipe dream. The safest school your child can attend is yours. And the most dangerous place you can send them is government school pushing for “safe schools”.



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Reason 288: Because Of Evil Unions

It would be foolish to put very much separation between the institution and the teacher’s union. There are two kinds of unions. There are the union thugs who “represent” employees at private companies, which can be put out of business. And then there are the union thugs who “represent” employees of government, which will never be put out of business. In fact being “put out of business” is the furthest thing from the minds of government. It might put you out of business with oppressive taxes. But it will never go out of business itself. And it is for that reason that government unions and government have become such cozy bedfellows.

It works like this: union asks for bigger pensions, earlier retirements, less work and pay raises. Politicians grant same and in return, they get a nice little bonus in their campaign coffers to go after anyone who wants to reign in unions by promising to control spending as someone who hates children and wants to defund schools. And around and around it goes. The union and government get more and more powerful.

So we have something today from the awesome people at Project Veritas who actually do what we used to think 60 minutes did before we found out that they were nothing more than political hacks. Watch this video of the people you entrust with your children:

Don’t you wish you could get “tenure” at your job? Don’t worry about that, you’re not. Private business cannot take money from its patrons at the barrel of a gun just yet. That will come with socialism.

What surprises me with this, (not really) is the lack of love.  Who would protect a teacher who hits a child? What worse thing will the union put the teacher’s job above the act? We know that the butchers at Planned Parenthood protect rapists, and they have the red carpet laid out for them at your child’s school.

Lawlessness leads to cold hearts. Love demands a parent protect his child. Sending your child into this mess is not protecting him.


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Reason 287: Because The Institution Is Not Local, It’s Lawless

When you see government as an entity that “allows” you to do something, you have a slave mentality. I heard a student say on a You Tube video once that the school “allows” him to pray at the flagpole. So again, you can see how that student has been indoctrinated with the proper slave mentality.

The constitution is not a document that befits slaves. It doesn’t “allow” you to do anything at all. It “allows” government to do things. And anything it doesn’t allow is illegal for the government to do. Of course, that’s no longer the case because most people have been trained to one degree or another for slavery. And slaves don’t hold their masters accountable to the law. No, on the contrary, the masters hold the slaves accountable to their capricious whims. America is more and more becoming a nation with a slave mentality, thank you dear schoolhouse for indoctrinating the masses into a slave mentality. Your task it almost complete except for a few holdouts like me.

And here is a story about one of those capricious whims:

Charlotte-Mecklenburg School System To Force LGBT Agenda Over State Law

For thousands of years, no one questioned the fairness of girl’s and boy’s restrooms. But all of a sudden, even in the midst of us being under attack by a violent religion, it’s the big issue of the day. And now a school system in North Carolina, which the federal government does everything in its power to “allow” (not really) local control, has to choose between two masters based on the most capricious of whimsical decrees.  Who would have guessed which master they would choose?

Today, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school system announced that it will stand in defiance of North Carolina’s recently passed law, in regards to keeping bathrooms and shower rooms gender segregated, and with the new school year, all schools in the system will be required to allow males to shower and use the bathroom with girls.

Your master will ask you politely in the beginning to engage in its fantasies. But in the end, it will use the iron behind its velvet glove to crush opposition. It will force you to refer to men with feminine pronouns.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools sent a message to all principals Monday: When school opens in August, transgender students will be called by the name and pronoun they choose. That chosen gender identity will be honored in restrooms, locker rooms, yearbooks and graduation ceremonies, according to a new regulation released Monday.

Of course, this has a name. It’s called lawlessness. And lawlessness never goes well. This will never do. You can dream you can float and cut off your legs, but that doesn’t mean that you will actually float. No, you’ll only wind up being a dual ampatee, “floating” around in your wheel chair. And likewise, you can’t make boys into girls by calling them “she” and throwing a dress in him. But the institution that you send your child to for an education is diluted enough to think that you can. And if it has its way with your child he will become just as confused and diluted as the institution that is training him, both of which are slaves to the master.

Is this the loving thing to do?

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Reason 286: Because It’s Foolish To Let Fools Teach Your Children About Sex

In “The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire”, Gibbons tells of a barbarian who discovers in his loot some pearls in a leather pouch. The barbarian throws the pearls away and keeps the pouch because he saw the utility of the pouch, but he just couldn’t see the utility of the little white spheres; that, and he was ignorant of the value of the pearls, so he simply discarded them.

This is what the institution has done with marriage. Secular humanism is a utilitarian religion. It sees no value in human life, only its utility, hence thier love of euhpenasian and the butchers at Planned Parenthood. This view also affects its view on sexuality. Sex outside of marriage for them is a decision based on utility. Gratification is the goal. That sex in the context of a life-long commitment called marriage is looked at in the same way that the barbarian looked at the pearls.

The pearl is the becoming one with another human being, and producing children. But the institution discards both in favor of simply gratifying sexual desires. It sees sex outside of marriage, not as a moral issue, but rather as a pragmatic one. It lumps pregnancy in with diseases as one of the problems that can be encountered while getting your gratification, both of which might be prevented with condoms or “surgery”. That’s the institution’s mindset… the same institution that you charge with “educating” your children when you send them to public school.

I say all of this to introduce this article:

STUDY: Teen pregnancy shoots up when schools give kids condoms

The article is about a study that proves what has been obvious all along to many: that when the authority in a young person’s life accommodates a risky action, an action by the way that the young person is hard-wired to desire anyway, the more likely it is that the young person will engage in that activity. Parents don’t generally give their children high-powered race cars, a helmet, and fire-retardant clothing, and then tell them to drive safely. That would be a confusing message. But that’s exactly what they’re doing when they delegate their authority as a parent to the institution when it comes to sex. As I’ve said here many times, the institution is not morally neutral. That would be impossible. The institution has a morality, it teaches a morality, and that morality dictates that only “risky” sex is wrong. It’s wrong because it can cause problems, like having to call in the butchers to kill the offspring, or, you may contract a disease. But at the same time, it insists that it is more wrong to impose moral judgments on young people who engage in sex outside of marriage, and it will judge harshly anyone who attempts to impose any concept of objective truth on sexual activity, even you dear parent. Sex is not a gift befitting fools, and the institution is run by fools who have thrown away the pearls and kept the pouch.

The gift of sex is not a gift befitting of fools, and the institution is run by fools who have thrown away the pearls and kept the pouch.

But don’t you fail in this area. Remember, sex outside of marriage would still be wrong if it didn’t produce unwanted children or disease. It’s wrong because God says its wrong. Don’t be dragged into debates on how your children might circumvent God’s design without suffering the consequences. The consequences of sin always go beyond the obvious. There is a higher order and the more our lives are synchronized with that order, the happier and healthier, both mentally and physically, all who do are.  And the more you teach your children this truth the happier and healthier they’ll be. And the further you keep them from fools who desire to teach them the opposite, the easier that task will be for you.




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Reason 285: Because When The Blind Leads The Blind They Both Fall In A Ditch

When you think government always think big: big debt, big legislation, big prisons, big government and big failure. Of course, the failure part is no big deal for big government. It can always tax and print more cash for its failures. But you can’t print more children when their failure affects your children.

So we have this article:

They Think They’re ‘Smarter’

It seems one of the Senators, a Republican, can’t believe that the big education bureaucracy is not implementing his big, massive, monstrosity of a bill the way it’s supposed to be implemented. The article puts it like this:

Despite his apparent inattention to warnings that the bill was a monstrosity that contained no binding provisions meant to contain or decrease federal power in favor of state and local control, Sen. Alexander now accuses the new chief of the Education Department of doing exactly what many observers expected the overbearing feds to do.

This article showcases the big pride of big government as knowing more than you, the little parent, about how a big, bloated, self-serving, out-of-control government can provide your offspring with a better education than you can. Let them think so. But let them think so as you ignore their blind stupidity and teach your children to avoid the pits that the prideful blind just can’t seem to see.

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Reason 284: Because The Truth Matters

If your first question when you’re deciding what will be taught to the youth is, how will this teaching impact people and government, then you are not deciding on a curriculum but an indoctrination.  In this article we can see how this happens:

Public Schools Teaching Students to Hate America As Left Appeases Muslims With ‘Religious Literacy’ Training

I can remember asking people this one question after 9/11. “What do you think the response would have been if it had been Christians flying those planes”?  In every case there seemed to be a light bulb that came on in their thinking because they knew that the response to the religion behind those horrible acts would have been completely different. So what was the response to Islam?  An attempt to show them that we don’t hate them. And so an indoctrination program was begun then, and now it just keeps getting bigger. And yet the hatred grows. And it will keep growing because the answers are not found in projecting one’s Secular Humanistic thinking onto a religious people.  But that’s just it. The Secular Humanist cannot fathom those who love their God, false though it may be, more than life. That, combined with the hatred that Secular Humanism has for the one true God, and we have a public school system that has derailed and is in the midst of destroying itself and the nation that provides it.

This is a fairly long article but worth the read. I won’t paste any excerpts because they wouldn’t do it justice. Well maybe just one:

Americans might ask further: why are people who want to “fundamentally change” America running the country? Indeed, those who have been educated to believe America is hateful will govern accordingly.

American education is about to take another leftward lurch from the Common Core standards, to the Advanced Placement U.S. History framework, and now with theAdvanced Placement European History (APEH) curriculum – which diminishes Christianity and ignores Islamic conquests in Europe and Islam’s tradition of jihad.

America is sedated with prosperity and plenty. It is asleep and its children are being stolen right from under its nose. Poor parents think that because their children are sent back at the end of the day that they still have them. But their minds are being stolen by one lie at a time. The truth matters, and if your children will learn the truth they need to be kept far from the disaster that is that sprawling, fenced-in, flat-roofed, government campus just down the street. Keep your children. Keep them at home. They will thank you one day.


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