Reason 265: Because Would You Send Your Child To Dr. Frankenstein’s Lab For An Education?

Of course you wouldn’t. But the truth is that when you send your child to the institution, you’re sending them to possibly the grandest lab in human history, where self-proclaimed intellectuals are trying out their Godless ideas daily.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “…straining out gnats and swallowing camels”? It was spoken by Jesus to his accusers. And, well, it shouldn’t surprise us that there is nothing new under the sun, because that there is “nothing new under the sun” is also in the Bible. We have the same things going on today as have always been going on, which is clear in this article:

Experimenting on Children

And here’s the gnat/camel angle to this story:

Ironically, “progressives” who oppose trace amounts of hormones in the chicken they consume support the practice of cross-sex hormone-doping for minors for which there is little conclusive assurance of long-term safety. While leftists prefer their free-range chickens to be free of hormonal interference, they’re okay with mad scientists mutilating their bodies and pumping them up with risky chemicals.

But that’s just it. When you’ve disassociated yourself from all reality and the history of humanity and you’ve set your sights instead on a Ponce De Leon-esk journey in search of some vague notion of Utopia, you’ve become shoulder to shoulder with Frankenstein, who, incidentally, meant to do good and meant not to create a monster.

But that’s where we are. The public school now is akin to Frankenstein’s lab, and is conducting Frankensteinian experiments on your children:

And one day, gender-dysphoric children will tell their tragic stories—children whose parents were persuaded that allowing their confused children to “transition” was not only the appropriate treatment protocol but also the only way to prevent their children’s suicides.

Children who were permitted to take chemicals to prevent puberty (and thus the formative social experiences that attend pubertal physical and emotional changes), who were permitted to take risky cross-sex hormones whose effects—including sterility—are permanent, and in some cases were permitted to have breasts amputated or testes excised will tell their stories.

Surely some will regret never knowing who they would have become if they had been permitted to develop in accordance with their objective nature. Some will regret never having had the social experiences that attend the sex they actually are. Some will regret not waiting to see if their gender- dysphoric feelings abated. Some will regret their sterility. And some will regret the health effects like venous thromboembolism, osteoporosis, or cancer that may result from a lifetime of hormone-doping.

This, folks, is a tragedy of epic proportions. But like most who are immersed in the tragedy, we don’t realize it… just yet.  History will not treat us well. And yet, millions send their children to these monster makers for an education. Which is the larger tragedy?  The poor souls who become the monsters created by the institution, or that masses of people send their children to the monster-makers for mutilation, experimentation and indoctrination? You decide. But while you doddle, millions are

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