Reason 266: Because Everyone Has A Reference Point, Why Not Give Your Child The Right One

A compass isn’t all that smart. It only knows one direction. That’s all. But humans are smarter than compasses. They only need to know that one direction and they can deduce the rest.  Yet, a compass is invaluable because it provides us with that all important reference point based on the objective reality of the magnetic lines of flux that are fixed around oplanet.

But what if the compass was the center of the universe and so always pointed only to itself. That compass would be useless for anything. So everything else must be oriented according to its whereabouts.

When it comes to morality that’s kind of what the schoolhouse teaches. I say, “kind of”, because, as I’ve said here before, it teaches two opposing views: that there is no objective moral reality and that the state determines the objective moral reality. If that confuses you then stop thinking about it, and just feel good about it.

Of course, this is unworkable as we can see in this video:

The honorable Miss Norton is using the gray matter between her ears as a reference point. And since slavery was legal when the colonies declared independence from Great Britain, then that document is evil also. It does make one wonder if she realizes that the nation that the colonies were declaring their independence from also allowed for slavery, or that the very place from which both entities acquired their slaves allowed i? It makes one wonder if she realizes that in the grand scheme of history anti-slavery laws are a recent development. No, I’d guess not. And I’d also guess that the reason for her ignorance is that she was educated in America, and was indoctrinated into a view of the world that places America as the supreme and sole evil throughout the history of humanity.

As for me, I’d lto know where that pristine society of peoples that she’s using for a standard by which to judge history is. Of course, it doesn’t exist. It’s a figment of her imagination based on nothing except her vague ideas of Utopia, all of which were installed in her poor little mind when she was but a little girl in the public schoolhouse. C.S. Lewis had a name for such as this. He called them chronological snobs. That’s a person who is able to ignore the horrible condition of things in the present, such as the butchering and selling of millions of black babies, and then judge harshly the atrocities in history which no one can ever change and which have since been outlawed. Such a mentality is a gold mine for those who feel the need to revel in victimhood and for the race-baiters who need them to revel in it.

But this is about the schoolhouse. And yes, it’s people like her that are in charge of it, and its job is to create as many self-oriented victimes as possible in order that they may become the very thing that she’s decrying: slaves.

As for me, I want to keep the likes of this poor confused lady as far from the minds of my children as possible. But if I send them to the schoolhouse, it’s the same as putting them in her care. I don’t want this poor congresswoman to be confused. But more than that, I don’t want my children to become like her. I want them to be oriented to something that will always stay the same.

History is the story of man’s inhumanity to man and man warring against that inhumanity. If I want my children to realize that, and not believe a bunch a dribble about all white people who walked the face of the Northt American continent being a bunch of racist, black-hating and black -torturing slave owners, then I’ll have to keep them home.

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  1. I wonder if she realizes that one of the most successful slave owners in Civil War times was a black plantation owner who lived in the South, yet provided support for soldiers in the North. Or that it was the Africans who sold their own people to the slave traders. I guess they all get a free pass. I’m so tired of people acting as if America trademarked slavery. It’s been around for thousands of years, AND America was the FIRST country to make it illegal. Funny how that wasn’t mentioned.

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