Reason 269: Because Liberty Is’nt Cheap, But Government School Is

Let’s face it. Most of us were indoctrinated into the myopic. Our master wannabe’s don’t want us looking too far into the history, and the future is kept as vague as humanly possible by impossible-to-achieve, or even to define, words like “social justice” and  “Equality”, which are nothing more than code words for Marxism. No one wants to study history very closely lest they discover what a horrific history Marxism has had. And no one wants to define words that describe the future lest someone realize it’s just stuff made of emotional pixy-dust.

But the future depends on vision, both forward and rearward looking. Civil society must think in terms of generations, and not “till I die then to hell with it”.  But to think in terms of generations, there must be the building blocks of generations, which is the family. This is why Marx was–and Marxism is–so dead-set on its destruction.

Government school is cheap. In fact, it’s “free”. And why is the state so willing to educate your children? Because the one thing governments, historically, could never control their apatites for is ever more amounts of power. And your children are playing a vital role in satisfying that ever growing apatite by being indoctrinated to believe that government needs more power to do more good in the world.

But if your children were taught history, they’d know better. If they were taught the true nature of man, they’d know better. But they’re not. And you were not. So off we go, happily into slavery… again:

But it doesn’t have to be this way for your children. The masses may enslave them, yes, but at least they won’t become willing slaves, helping the masters themselves to place the chains of their bondage around their own necks. At least they won’t do that!


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2 responses to “Reason 269: Because Liberty Is’nt Cheap, But Government School Is

  1. Not disagreeing … except to say that government school is “free” in the same way as the toy on the back of the cereal box I remember when I was a kid was advertised as “Free! Just send $5.95.” Parents don’t pay tuition for kids to go to government schools, but they pay taxes. It costs more money per child for public schools than it does for home schooling. Further, public school kids still have to pay for things. You know, “free … for some large sum of money each year.” And none of that is taking into account the mental, moral, and spiritual costs of sending kids to school and letting the godless state teach them “facts”, morality, and “spirituality”. Why it is that parents have bought into the mentality that says, “If I don’t receive a bill for it, it must really be good” is beyond me.

    • In one of my drafts of this I talked about it being free for you because your neighbor down the street was paying for it, and it’s free for your neighbor because YOU were paying for his children. But evidently I cut that out. I’m trying to make these shorter.

      It’s funny because I was just now working on a post later this week and I was discussing this very thing, the spiritual aspect of educating our children, and how that’s much more important than academics.

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