Reason 270: Because Those Who Know, Say No To Government Schooling

Don’t think that I don’t realize how radical I sound in these posts. But these are radical times. It’s difficult to realize that while being emersed in the incrementalism. But it’s good to hear that I’m not the only one saying these things:

Are Public Schools Teaching Your Child An Alternate Religion?

The title of my post is based on this paragraph in the article:

But, my greatest insight into public schools has been through my husband, who has taught in them for more than 30 years. He is the one who opened my eyes to the religion being promoted in the public schools. And interestingly, when he shares this view with students, they wholeheartedly agree.

I’ll paste the first paragraph of this great article below. But please click over and read it. This woman make’s an excellent case for what I keep saying here, which is that government schools are religious schools and the religion it’s teaching ain’t Christianity, it’s Secular Humanism. A bit:

A bit:

Would you send your children to a Muslim school? I have yet to find a Christian parent who says yes to that question – and the reason is obvious. We don’t want our kids indoctrinated into Islam. We want them to become Christians.

Yet, currently in the United States, 84% of Christian parents send their children to schools teaching an alternate religion. These schools may be billed as religiously neutral, but make no mistake: public schools are religious institutions, enthusiastically promoting the religion of secular humanism.

We might as well face it. Most Christianity in America is at best Joel Osteen light.  It is a, isn’t-God-good,-he’s-given-us-this-3000-square-foot-house-in-a-nice-neighborhood-with-good-schools-and-both-of-us-good-jobs Christianity. Most people wouldn’t know Secular Humanism if it turned their children into good Marxist atheists ready to spill their blood for the cause of “homosexual equality” and “earth worship”.

But it doesn’t have to be that way for you. I know that I’m asking you to reject what seems “normal”. But when you live in a society in which it’s normal to chop up babies and sell their parts, and which argues over what bathrooms are appropriate in the new and capricious alternative reality, and that teaches its children that’s there’s no such thing as objective truth, then not being “normal” is a good thing. It feels kind of strange at first, but then it begins to feel normal… very normal.


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2 responses to “Reason 270: Because Those Who Know, Say No To Government Schooling

  1. I always look forward to your posts because you aren’t afraid to tell it like it is.

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