Reason 281: Because The Institution Teaches “Equality”

To suggest that equality is a bad thing in this day is sacrilege. I hear myself say it and I can hear just how wrong it sounds. And I know the reason it sounds so wrong is because I’m immersed in a culture that worships the concept as an idea. This worship is based on envy. It’s Marxism, which is built on the foundation of Secular Humanism which is taught in your child’s school.

But how can 99.9999999999% of children ever be equal with this?

This is a fabulous job. Did the institution teach this child to be this good? Well of course not. He was born with a little extra talent in this area. And so it only follows that the institution could teach someone for a whole lifetime and never teach this. This boy is not equal with other children.

And we have this example:

You Tube is full of examples of this very thing, with an array of talents; and talents not limited to the field of the arts either. They’re some who will be just as excellent in designing things, as innovators, in medicine, in sports and every conceivable thing.  And yes, there will be the greedy, drug addicts, criminals and every imaginable thing in that way as well.  The Bottom line is that not everyone is going to make as much, and have a nice sweet pension, as those who work in the upper echelons of the department of education.  They’re plenty of people out there who will struggle hard, and have a standard of living well below that of the average teacher.  But one thing you’ll never see is these preachers of equality putting their money where their mouth is and giving their property to the less fortunate. Sure, they’ll throw a buck into someone’s tin can. Or they’ll video themselves “paying it forward” and put it on You Tube. But that’s nothing in the grand scheme of things.  They’re hypocrites plain and simple.

This is the way of Marxism: a Utopian idea that denies reality. But it denies it in the worst sort of way. It projects some materialistic idea of happiness bound up in material possessions onto others. It can’t conceive of the idea of someone not materially wealthy being happy raising their children. The institution does everything in its power to set children on a trajectory of unhappiness and envy. I know people who make a quarter of a million dollars a year who are unhappy because their boss makes much more. Gloriously rich Hollywood movie stars are all about equality as they live in their 20,000 square foot, beach-side homes. There is no equality, and that ‘s the reality that your children need to understand to have a happy and satisfying life.

But that’s not what the institution teaches. No, they teach the opposite, that there are evil people out there, people like me, who don’t want equality. But that’s a lie. I do want equality. But I’m a realist too. I know it can never be achieved. I know that revolutions don’t bring about equality but suffering, and only succeed in changing the hands that are holding the “inequality”.

In one sense, what the school teaches is what you would be teaching, and neither of you is neutral. What a child forms growing up is a worldview. And all the knowledge in reading, writing and arithmetic won’t change that. And it only stands to reason that the one who gets the most time informing a child’s worldview will determine what that worldview is. Please don’t let your child be indoctrinated into such a unhappy worldview; ever angry, unable to love a mate for life, lover of self, and blind.


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