Reason 284: Because The Truth Matters

If your first question when you’re deciding what will be taught to the youth is, how will this teaching impact people and government, then you are not deciding on a curriculum but an indoctrination.  In this article we can see how this happens:

Public Schools Teaching Students to Hate America As Left Appeases Muslims With ‘Religious Literacy’ Training

I can remember asking people this one question after 9/11. “What do you think the response would have been if it had been Christians flying those planes”?  In every case there seemed to be a light bulb that came on in their thinking because they knew that the response to the religion behind those horrible acts would have been completely different. So what was the response to Islam?  An attempt to show them that we don’t hate them. And so an indoctrination program was begun then, and now it just keeps getting bigger. And yet the hatred grows. And it will keep growing because the answers are not found in projecting one’s Secular Humanistic thinking onto a religious people.  But that’s just it. The Secular Humanist cannot fathom those who love their God, false though it may be, more than life. That, combined with the hatred that Secular Humanism has for the one true God, and we have a public school system that has derailed and is in the midst of destroying itself and the nation that provides it.

This is a fairly long article but worth the read. I won’t paste any excerpts because they wouldn’t do it justice. Well maybe just one:

Americans might ask further: why are people who want to “fundamentally change” America running the country? Indeed, those who have been educated to believe America is hateful will govern accordingly.

American education is about to take another leftward lurch from the Common Core standards, to the Advanced Placement U.S. History framework, and now with theAdvanced Placement European History (APEH) curriculum – which diminishes Christianity and ignores Islamic conquests in Europe and Islam’s tradition of jihad.

America is sedated with prosperity and plenty. It is asleep and its children are being stolen right from under its nose. Poor parents think that because their children are sent back at the end of the day that they still have them. But their minds are being stolen by one lie at a time. The truth matters, and if your children will learn the truth they need to be kept far from the disaster that is that sprawling, fenced-in, flat-roofed, government campus just down the street. Keep your children. Keep them at home. They will thank you one day.


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