Reason 285: Because When The Blind Leads The Blind They Both Fall In A Ditch

When you think government always think big: big debt, big legislation, big prisons, big government and big failure. Of course, the failure part is no big deal for big government. It can always tax and print more cash for its failures. But you can’t print more children when their failure affects your children.

So we have this article:

They Think They’re ‘Smarter’

It seems one of the Senators, a Republican, can’t believe that the big education bureaucracy is not implementing his big, massive, monstrosity of a bill the way it’s supposed to be implemented. The article puts it like this:

Despite his apparent inattention to warnings that the bill was a monstrosity that contained no binding provisions meant to contain or decrease federal power in favor of state and local control, Sen. Alexander now accuses the new chief of the Education Department of doing exactly what many observers expected the overbearing feds to do.

This article showcases the big pride of big government as knowing more than you, the little parent, about how a big, bloated, self-serving, out-of-control government can provide your offspring with a better education than you can. Let them think so. But let them think so as you ignore their blind stupidity and teach your children to avoid the pits that the prideful blind just can’t seem to see.

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