Reason 287: Because The Institution Is Not Local, It’s Lawless

When you see government as an entity that “allows” you to do something, you have a slave mentality. I heard a student say on a You Tube video once that the school “allows” him to pray at the flagpole. So again, you can see how that student has been indoctrinated with the proper slave mentality.

The constitution is not a document that befits slaves. It doesn’t “allow” you to do anything at all. It “allows” government to do things. And anything it doesn’t allow is illegal for the government to do. Of course, that’s no longer the case because most people have been trained to one degree or another for slavery. And slaves don’t hold their masters accountable to the law. No, on the contrary, the masters hold the slaves accountable to their capricious whims. America is more and more becoming a nation with a slave mentality, thank you dear schoolhouse for indoctrinating the masses into a slave mentality. Your task it almost complete except for a few holdouts like me.

And here is a story about one of those capricious whims:

Charlotte-Mecklenburg School System To Force LGBT Agenda Over State Law

For thousands of years, no one questioned the fairness of girl’s and boy’s restrooms. But all of a sudden, even in the midst of us being under attack by a violent religion, it’s the big issue of the day. And now a school system in North Carolina, which the federal government does everything in its power to “allow” (not really) local control, has to choose between two masters based on the most capricious of whimsical decrees.  Who would have guessed which master they would choose?

Today, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school system announced that it will stand in defiance of North Carolina’s recently passed law, in regards to keeping bathrooms and shower rooms gender segregated, and with the new school year, all schools in the system will be required to allow males to shower and use the bathroom with girls.

Your master will ask you politely in the beginning to engage in its fantasies. But in the end, it will use the iron behind its velvet glove to crush opposition. It will force you to refer to men with feminine pronouns.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools sent a message to all principals Monday: When school opens in August, transgender students will be called by the name and pronoun they choose. That chosen gender identity will be honored in restrooms, locker rooms, yearbooks and graduation ceremonies, according to a new regulation released Monday.

Of course, this has a name. It’s called lawlessness. And lawlessness never goes well. This will never do. You can dream you can float and cut off your legs, but that doesn’t mean that you will actually float. No, you’ll only wind up being a dual ampatee, “floating” around in your wheel chair. And likewise, you can’t make boys into girls by calling them “she” and throwing a dress in him. But the institution that you send your child to for an education is diluted enough to think that you can. And if it has its way with your child he will become just as confused and diluted as the institution that is training him, both of which are slaves to the master.

Is this the loving thing to do?

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