Reason 288: Because Of Evil Unions

It would be foolish to put very much separation between the institution and the teacher’s union. There are two kinds of unions. There are the union thugs who “represent” employees at private companies, which can be put out of business. And then there are the union thugs who “represent” employees of government, which will never be put out of business. In fact being “put out of business” is the furthest thing from the minds of government. It might put you out of business with oppressive taxes. But it will never go out of business itself. And it is for that reason that government unions and government have become such cozy bedfellows.

It works like this: union asks for bigger pensions, earlier retirements, less work and pay raises. Politicians grant same and in return, they get a nice little bonus in their campaign coffers to go after anyone who wants to reign in unions by promising to control spending as someone who hates children and wants to defund schools. And around and around it goes. The union and government get more and more powerful.

So we have something today from the awesome people at Project Veritas who actually do what we used to think 60 minutes did before we found out that they were nothing more than political hacks. Watch this video of the people you entrust with your children:

Don’t you wish you could get “tenure” at your job? Don’t worry about that, you’re not. Private business cannot take money from its patrons at the barrel of a gun just yet. That will come with socialism.

What surprises me with this, (not really) is the lack of love.  Who would protect a teacher who hits a child? What worse thing will the union put the teacher’s job above the act? We know that the butchers at Planned Parenthood protect rapists, and they have the red carpet laid out for them at your child’s school.

Lawlessness leads to cold hearts. Love demands a parent protect his child. Sending your child into this mess is not protecting him.


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