Reason 290: Because Anyone Can Do It, The Bar Is Really Low

Are you qualified to teach your children? There’s a quick and easy test you can take to answer that question. Get up one night, say at 3:00 am, and walk through your house looking in all the bedrooms. If there are little children sleeping in the beds in those bedrooms, you’re qualified. God’s mandate was never for you to send your child to the state to have her indoctrinated into folly. His mandate was to you dear parent, to raise your children in the fear and admonition of the Lord.

Somehow the state has sold us on the foolishness that they can do a better job of teaching our children than we can. They’re the experts, or so we’re told. And we’re morons, or so they imply. But the proof is in the pudding, which brings me to this article:

The Leftist Education-Media Complex

A bit:

If there is a more fundamental element to progressive ideology than the belief that the overwhelming majority of Americans are not only stupid, but wholly incapable of running their lives without progressive intervention, one is hard-pressed to imagine what it is. Yet despite all their self-professed brilliance, most progressives have blurred the critical distinction between two concepts that make all the difference in the world:

Stupidity — and ignorance.

And a little more from a teacher quoted in the article:

“In a dusty corner shelf of the room [in which I was substitute teaching] was a set of thirty-year-old textbooks from the mid-1960s. … I was astonished to find what I would now consider an upper-level college textbook under color of what in the high schools used to be termed ‘civics.’ … I spent the rest of the day in slack-jawed amazement, perusing what a student in a working-class town was expected to know before the mavens of education began tinkering with the curricula of our schools.”

One thing they’ve somehow tinkered with is plain old common sense, like in not knowing the difference between a male and female lack of common sense. Keep in mind the next time you feel insecure about your abilities to teach your children that the institution that claims to be the expert on educating those children are confused about what a male and female is, and which bathrooms they should use. I know that some parents are intimidated by the term “state-certified”.  In light of what is passing for intelligence in the institution these days, that seems downright odd to me. You’re God-certified. You were created for much more than to just procreate, but also to educate. Love is the most important ingredient in education, and that’s the one ingredient most lacking in the state institution.  Just do it. Your children will be better off, and so will you. Run, don’t walk, down to the madhouse and yank your children out of there.

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