Reason 291: Because All God’s Children Are Different

One of my favorite chapters in the Bible is 1st Corinthians 12.  Paul, dealing with division in the Church speaks of the different gifts God gives to all, and how all those gifts collectively make up the Body of Christ. That chapter has had a big impact on me. The impact is not only in how I see the world but also how I see my children. They are unique individuals and not the product of some assembly line somewhere.

The state has always had one impossible problem when it came to a conveyor belt education, and now it has two. The first and enduring problem is with your child’s uniqueness. All the state can muster is a conveyor belt education which actually works for the children who fit the proper mold. For those who don’t, too bad, so sad. You expect too much.  But the recent problem is much worse and it’s based on the state’s interest. If you assume that the state really does have your child’s interest at heart, which it may have had in the beginning, it obviously doesn’t now. To make assume otherwise is one of the most hazardous and unsafe assumptions you’ll ever make, with really high stakes because the state school does not care about your child. The purpose of your child, as far as the state is concerned, is to justify the greedy money-laundering, power-grabbing, scheme we now call public school.  It exists to ensure that the next generation thinks the way the state wants it to think so that each so that each new generation may be more easily herded into the Marxist slave mentality the state needs it have.  And if the schoolhouse has had success in our day, it is in doing this.

Here is an interesting video by a young man who gets it:

I can remember many teachers humiliating me in front of the class. My 5th grade was a nightmare because I was sectioned off in one row of dumb or slow students. We always went last to everything as if to punish or humiliate us for “being slow”.  I have no idea what they thought they’d accomplish by that. (“They” because it was a husband and wife team who both adhered to each other’s policies in their perspective classes) School was not something that I graduated from per se, it was something I survived. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Sure, there are good teachers in there trying. But it’s hard, given the restraints put on those teachers by the state, for them to actually make up for the serious harm done to other students by bad, tenured teachers.

You may think that you’re not educated enough to homeschool. That’s what you’re supposed to think. But that’s just a big fat lie. Don’t sell yourself short. In many subjects my wife and I both learned with our children as we taught them.  Home schooling is exploding and the markets are meeting the new demand. There’s every imaginable kind of curriculum out there. And in these days we have You Tube, which is a virtual education in its own right. Get your children out of the state school yesterday. You will be better off. The nation will be better off. But best of all, your cildren will be better off.



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