Reason 294: Because You Have Less To Fear

If we are to believe what we’re told, the only real place to have your children educated is the government certified, credited and approved schoolhouse. But reality doesn’t bear this out as we see in this article:

How Today’s Homeschoolers are Doing on the SAT

NHERI found that 13,549 homeschool seniors participated in the 2014 SAT. Of those seniors, homeschoolers scored an average of 567 in critical reading, 521 in mathematics, and 535 in writing. In comparison, the average SAT scores for all 2014 high school seniors were 497 in critical reading, 513 in mathematics, and 487 in writing.

It is worth noting that thorough analysis has not been conducted to predict if any other variables (such as demographics, income, and parent’s education) might be responsible for the above-average homeschool scores. However, this data strongly correlates with score trends seen in prior SAT and ACT research.

When we think of school we think of “critical reading, mathematics, and writing among other things, and oh how nice that would be. But whether we want to admit it or not, education involves the whole man. Don’t think that the institution is not taking advantage of their years with your child just to teach her reading writing and math.  No, they’ll be working on her mind and her morality too so that you’ll have an immoral child who can read and write.


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