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Reason 325: For The Same Reason You Get Out Of The Mine When The Canary Dies

Teachers who become homeschoolers are the indicator species

From the article:

In biology, there’s a descriptor – “indicator species”.  An indicator species may be unusually sensitive to environmental changes, and biologists monitor the indicator species for signs that something is amiss in the environment.

I wonder when somebody is going to notice that teachers are an indicator species. When we leave public schools with our children, people should consider that there’s something amiss.

Yes, when?

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Reason 324: Because Critical Thinking Is Critical

I heard a woman on a talk radio show years ago who was black. I’ll never forget her words. “If you can’t read, you can only know what people tell you”.  She had grasped the reality that the institution was not going to do her children any favors. But there’s something I’d add to that. And that is, if you don’t learn to think critically, you won’t think at all. I personally like what John Gatto called the public school’s indoctrination: “Pre-thought thoughts”.

Here we have a video of a Christian apologist, Frank Turek, and a university student who has been programmed his entire life in the public school with pre-thought thoughts involving evolution:

I called my daughter in to watch this video. I told her, tell me the logical fallacy when you hear it. She pounced on it right away. Why? Because she’s been taught critical thinking. She probably couldn’t argue the point like Mr. Turek, but she will hear the pre-thought thoughts for what they are, which is indoctrination of lies and deceptions. Turek says correctly that evolution is based on philosophy much more than science.

The institution will not teach your child to think critically. No,that’s because critical thinking is not thinking befitting of slaves.

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Reason 323: Because There’s Lots Of People Who Can Get A Teacher’s Certificate, But Only One Who Can Be Your Child’s Mom

Mom’s do the lion’s share of the work of homeschooling because Dad’s normally, at least in the usual homeschooling family, the provider. And yes, many people do without because of the loss of the second income, myself included. But I’ve honestly never given it a second thought. John says in his first letter that worldly things, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life, do not come from the father but are worldly. New cars are great. More sheetrock is awesome. Nice things to look at are tops. But none of it is worth sacrificing a child for.

Here is an article from Dr. Laura about stay at home moms that I thought fits the bill for this blog. The title, which is a pull-quote, is what caught my attention:

The Top Reasons Women Give for Becoming Stay-at-Home Moms

From the article:

5. They feel guilty. I use the word “guilt” because more often than not, women call me to discuss guilt over not bringing in money rather than the guilt of not being sweet and adorable to their husbands or hands on with their children. They realize that 5,000 other people could do their job, but only they can be their husband’s wife and kid’s mom.

Public school has done much more than dumbed down our children, it has also played a part in rendering women idle, and that never goes well. It’s interesting that Dr. Laura gets more calls from women who feel guilty about the money they’re not bringing in, and that’s no wonder. The state is taking care of their children during the day. What’s she going to do? Clean toilets?  Oh but there’s so much more!

There’s something about taking your child, or your ten children, into a restaurant and have the waiter comment on how unusual it is for your child to behave like a grown up and not an out-of-control banshee, or a teller shocked that a child answers a question from a parent with honor using “sir”. But better than that is to watch your child learn new things, and then apply them. I’ll take that over the extra sheetrock any day of the week. And I can tell you, Mom isn’t sitting around feeling worthless either.


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Reason 322: Because Statists Make Statists Slaves

Screenshot (135)

Not only does Hilary believe this but there are many average people who will, if asked, tell you the same thing. We have been trained. Since normal is government education, then it’s an easy transition of responsibility from parent to government, when it comes to education. That’s the say it’s meant to be. That’s the way you’re supposed to think. This woman is running for president and stands a good chance of winning. In a nation that loves liberty, this statement would sink her unless she did a convincing recant. Why would anyone want those love the butchering and selling of babies parts, and the destruction of gender and marriage, to “teach, train and raise” their children? But if you send your child to public school, that’s exactly what’s going to happen.


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Reason 321: Because You Should Be The Number One Agent In Your Child’s Formation


Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. (Rom 12:2)

That your child is being formed during her formative years is a given. How will you answer the question, who will be forming her, in your actions? Wake up!!  The depravity of the statist school system is plain for all to see. Is this institutionalized depravity who you want forming your child into who she’s going to become?

I stole this little cartoon from this excellent site:

Screenshot (133)

This is a great example because it demonstrates the generational aspect of education. A parent will simply duplicate his own experiences without giving it that much thought. It’s just normal to send your child into a system and have it hack away at her just like it did to you. But since its normal for you, you won’t even think to ask what the ax has plans to do.


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Reason 320: Because Evil Is Afoot, And It’s Using The Schoolhouse

Someone posted this on FB:

Screenshot (132)

It’s an article a teacher saved by a teacher about the time I was headed to High School.  Notice the first thing on the agenda. If it was me who wanted to destroy a nation, that’s exactly where I would start. And if we want to build a society it works the same way. But we can’t use an institution that is bent on destruction if it’s our desire to build, now can we? And that’s exactly what I’m doing, and it’s what I’m encouraging everyone else who cares about their children, and their children’s future to do: to start young and get them out of this machine that every day is becoming more efficient in A, which is making B, C, D and so on possible.

See more at:

Newspaper Clipping from Oct 13, 1975.

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Reason 319: Because The Schoolhouse Has Declared War On Boys

I’ve lived this twice. Once when I was a boy, and again because I have a son. There are two realities. There is the fantasy-land of liberal thought, which I’ll call the alternate reality. And then there’s the reality that liberal reality refuses to admit exists, which is the real reality. In the alternate reality there’s no difference between boys and girls. But in the real reality, they are very different. But since the institution rejects reality and chooses instead to live in a fantasy land of its own making, boys are crammed into a girl sized mold in the schoolhouse.

In the home boys are much more free to be boys and will thrive there. I can’t imagine the carnage to my son’s psyche if I had allowed the institution to cram him into the institution’s feminist mold. But then again, perhaps I can, because I”m still recovering from it myself.

Today we have a great video from Prager University that explains this very well:

Of course this, like most critiques, even from great conservatives like Prager, focus on changing the schoolhouse, and not on rescuing children from it. In that way we might even admit that conservatives have their own fantasy land, which is that they’re ever going to fix the public school. War machines protect their tank factories because they need tanks to wage war. Likewise, evil is going to protect its human clone factories, because, without them, they know that it’s over. Your children, and especially your son, will rot there as you wait for the institution to change. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for changing the institution. But it would be an awful, horrible mistake to attempt to fix it while it in the mean time crushes your child. But rescuing your child from the burning building takes precedence over putting the fire out.

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Reason 318: Because To Do Nothing Is Nothing Short Of Denial

Denial is dangerous. And it is denial to think that you can fight the system. You might win a couple of battles in the 12 years you hand your children over, but you’re not going to change the system as a whole. And all the time you’re spending your time fighting, they have your child, and they’re indoctrinating her into the next generation. If you really want to fight, take your child out of the system. Then she will be equipped to fight. If you find that your child is in a burning building, you don’t try to save her by putting the fire out. No, you rescue the child first.

I’ll post the first couple of paragraphs of this article and then the link. Please click over and read it.


Christian Leaders, “Stuck in Denial”

COLUMBIA, S.C., July 15, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ — Frontline Ministries, Inc., and the Exodus Mandate Project announced today that a “Mass Exodus” of children from the public school system is the only logical response to the transgender bathroom edict by the Obama Administration. Sadly, the response of many Christian leaders and pastors has been silence or simply whining or complaining that cannot change the situation to protect the children. These leaders offer weak solutions or advocate “conservative school reform” rather than call for an exodus of children into the sanctuary of K-12 Christian schools and homeschooling.

The longtime family leader, Dr. James Dobson, is typical of the response of national Christian leaders who fight “symptoms” while neglecting “root causes.” On March 28, 2002, during a Focus on the Family radio broadcast, Dobson stated the correct solution upon recognizing the seriousness of the homosexual agenda in California’s public schools: “In the state of California, if I had a child there, I wouldn’t put the youngster in a public school….I think it’s time to get our kids out.”

This begs the question: How was Dr. Dobson on the right track in 2002, but as this issue became exceedingly more pervasive in subsequent years, he and other leaders did not strengthen and reinforce this stance? Even though the acceptance of homosexuality is now firmly entrenched in the public schools in ALL 50 states, his May 2016 article for WND is unclear about HOW to protect the children. In the article, titled “Protect Your Kids from Tyrant Obama,” he states this advice, “I urge you to protect your boys and girls from those who are espousing these views. Shield them from gender feminism and from those who would confuse their sexuality. We must fight to protect our homes and families from politically correct politicians. There is no time to lose. Our children hang in the balance.”

Read more here:


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Reason 317: Because Logic Is Not Only Good, But Necessary

If I stick my hand on a hot stove, logic would dictate that my hand will be burned. See how that works? It’s logic, and God created logic, and logic is good. So why would anyone send your child to an institution for a Secular Humanist education where logic is dissuaded? How is it dissuaded you ask? Like in this article:

The Child Asked, ‘What If I Identify as a Dinosaur?

One of the favorite accusations made by the Accuser of the Brethren, who accuses Christians day and night, is that they are anti-intellectual, and anti-science. But how intellectual is it to teach a child that he dictates reality and that reality submits to him? If this was actually true, then your child could identify as an iron man and touch the stove without getting burned. How smart is that?

From the article:

The video [I played] also mentioned some other curious cases: a man who identifies as a woman, a white woman who identifies as black, a father of 7 who identifies as a little girl, a man who identifies as a dog named Boomer, a woman who identifies as a cat, and a man who identifies as a parrot (and has had surgical modifications to make him look more parrot-like).

Let’s try this. Logic, If A can equal anything, then it follows that anything can equal A. People, who may not even realize that they’re following this logic nevertheless still do, as we can see in this excerpt:

A young man asked me what would happen if he identified as a grown man. Would he be able to buy liquor. What about a 12-year-old girl who identified as 18? Would she be allowed to get her driver’s license? What about a teenage boy who identified as Bill Gates? Would he be allowed to withdraw all of Gates’ funds from the bank?

And what about another teenage boy who identified as a dinosaur? Would this prove that dinosaurs are not extinct? And would he have the right to sue all scientists and textbooks for claiming that dinosaurs did not exist?

These students are 12 to 18, are in a Christian School in which it is still legal to teach truth and logic, and perhaps have had some training in the foolishness of the sovereignty of man. So they see this lack of logic for what it is. But most children never get this training, and on top of not being equipped to see through the folly of Secular Humanist teaching, they are being indoctrinated at earlier and earlier ages when they are the most impressionable, indeed the very time that they ought to be home with you.

God is sovereign. Man rises up in rebellion against His sovereignty. That’s the way it is. Don’t send your child to an institution that will enlist and train your child for that rebellion.


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Reason 316: Because Really, Is This What You Want For Your Young Child?

This is just the beginning:

California Adds LGBT History To Curriculum — Starting In Second Grade

This is what the Bible says:

Romans 1:32

Though they know God’s righteous decree that those who practice such things deserve to die, they not only do them but give approval to those who practice them.

So my question: Does a secular humanist education trump scripture for you?

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