Reason 301: Because It’s A Great Third Option

You can send your children to an institution that has been in decline since it indoctrinated you for the purpose of that same decline. Yes, that’s one option. Or you can send your child to the declining institution while fighting a losing battle against the same institution’s decline. And that would be another option. But there is a third option. You can put them in an institution that is better than the state’s institution, even if that institution was not in decline. Which institution is that? Why the institution of the traditional family. In other words, you could homeschool.

In our article today, you can see that if you live in the US, you no longer live under the rule of a representative republic, nor do you live in a state ruled by a democracy. Yes, you can vote, but your vote only counts when it is in agreement with the oligarchy, as we can see demonstrated in this article:

Court Rules For Gates Backed Group, Kills Common Core Ballot Measure

From the article:

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court has ruled  that the language of the proposed  Common Core ballot initiative is unconstitutional.

The court decided that the multi-part question would put voters in the state in an “untenable position” in deciding between two separate policy issues. In the ruling, the court explained that voters would have to  vote yes or no on both the standards and the assessment and that this represented two related yet separate questions.

Apparently, only congressmen are smart enough to put hundreds of unrelated laws into a bill and vote on it.  But it’s “unconstitutional” for you to do the same because you’re just too stupid.

It’s worth noting that his was the same state’s court that would be the first to find in their constitution that the word marriage, as it had been understood throughout human history, was no longer to be understood that way.  So what to do? You can win elections, but the court will decide happens based on nothing more than whim and fiat. But for now, providence has blinded the eyes of the court to a freedom that you can exercise legally, and it is indeed a precious freedom. It is the freedom to educate and indoctrinate your children as you think best. Please don’t look back when you see the mental carnage that the institution has inflicted on your child’s mind and wish. Exercise your liberty and make your children wise today.


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