Reason 302: Because, According To Federal Court, You Forfeit Your Right As A Parent When You Send Them To The Statist School

We have another excellent article from, People For The Separation Of School And State, that looks at a 9th Circuit Court decision which resulted from a law based on interviews conducted with children in a California school in which first, third, and fifth graders were asked explicit sexual questions as well as other disturbing and intrusive questions. (*) And, of course, the 9th Circuit stood by a lower court decision and the Supreme Court stood by the 9th Circuit.

The article:

Do Parents Have Rights?

The article excerpts this from the court’s decree:

Excerpt: [O]nce parents make the choice as to which school their children will attend, …their fundamental right to control the education of their children is, at the least, substantially diminished. The constitution does not vest parents with the authority to interfere with a public school’s decision as to how it will provide information to its students or what information it will provide, in its classrooms or otherwise. See Yoder, 406 U.S. at 205. Perhaps the Sixth Circuit said it best when it explained,

“While parents may have a fundamental right to decide whether to send their child to a public school, they do not have a fundamental right generally to direct how a public school teaches their child. Whether it is the school curriculum, the hours of the school day, school discipline, the timing and content of examinations, the individuals hired to teach at the school, the extracurricular activities offered at the school or, as here, a dress code, these issues of public education are generally ‘committed to the control of state and local authorities.’ ”

So, according to this court, if the state decides to teach your children that gender is a choice, that homosexuality is righteous, or that there is no god but the god/state, or they ought to have sex, sex, sex and kill the offspring while it forms in the womb, or that the masses ought to submit willingly to their lot in life as slaves to the ruling class lest the earth overheat and they all die,  then you, dear parent, have no say in that. But the court does point out that you do have the choice open to you to keep your children at home. So in the end, it is your choice, dear parent.   Which will you choose?

* Italicized words are verbatim from Alliance For The Seperation Of School And State

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