Reason 303: Because uhhh, The State Is Wasteful?

As I was reading this article:

CA school district mandates yoga for elementary students

… and I couldn’t help but to chuckle at this little passage:

The Foundation spent about $4 million to launch and expand the [Yoga] program in recent years, and district officials proposed to set aside $800,000 to keep it going next school year, a move that prompted outrage from parents who struggle with fundraisers for school science and art expenses, EAGnews reports.

So, in true form to the once (and maybe still) popular bumper sticker:

these “outraged” parents are trying to help the school out with fundraisers.  But the institution sees blowing cash like a drunk sailor who just won the lottery differently, as in it’s-really-really-easy-to-blow-and-waste-other-people’s-money-confiscated-by-force differently.

News flash: The institution is rich beyond your wildest dreams.  Instead of fundraising maybe you should keep your children at home and give them a real education rather than have them  indoctrinated them into Eastern Mysticism, which, apparently, is extremely expensive; either that or the school administrator has a crony friend with a Yoga school. I’ll let you be the judge of which it is.


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3 responses to “Reason 303: Because uhhh, The State Is Wasteful?

  1. $4 Million to teach yoga. Imagine what could have been done with that money in the way of teaching something like mathematics, or history, or something else educational!

    • I tend to think more like, “imagine what could have been done with that money if those who earned had gotten to keep it”. One things for sure, the school was going to waste it whether it was on Common Core crazy math, revisionist history, or LGBT, or anti-God pseudo science.

      • Well, I was addressing the fact that they already had the money and chose to spend it poorly.

        But back up farther and, yes, it should have stayed in the pockets of the taxpayers!

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