Reason 304: Because When It Comes To Socialization, It’s The Only Way To Go

Here is great article that addresses socialization and homeschooling:

Homeschooling, Socialization, and the New Groupthink

I’ll start by disagreeing with the first paragraph:

We who educate our children outside the school system confront an exhausting array of accusations posing as concerns, but the most puzzling — and the most persistent — is the socialization question. For years, I’ve taken it at face value: How, the skeptic seems to be asking, will your kids ever learn to be sociable if you keep them locked up at home all day?

This was probably the experience of those who pioneered the movement, but it certainly isn’t my experience now. I almost overwhelmingly get accolades from those who learn that we’re educating our children at home. Most questions are those that one might expect from someone who wants to try it themselves but just haven’t quite gotten up the nerve; that or they are genuinely curious. It’s no big secret that the institution is failing at their chartered enterprise of educating our children in the sense that most people think of education. I’ll quickly add to that however that it is a big secret that the institution is actually a grand success when it comes to educating our children in the sense that elitists desire to educate them.

One of the things I like about this article, however, is that it goes into depth addressing a concept that I’ve spoken of here, which I’ve called the campus culture. For example:

Meanwhile, “there seems to be an overwhelming amount of evidence,” according to researcher Michael Brady, “that children socialized in a peer-dominant environment are at higher risk for developing social maladjustment issues than those that are socialized in a parent-monitored environment.”

…Decades of research now support the common-sense conclusion: the artificially hierarchical and age-segregated structure of modern schooling produces a warped form of socialization with unhealthy attitudes toward both authority and peers.

It’s a really good article, and too much to post all that I’d like to share here without imposing on the website from which I stole it. 🙂 So click on over and enjoy.




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