Reason 306: Because There Are Options And No Options, And You And Your Child Should Know The Difference

Let me start by saying that much more is caught by your children than is taught to them. If you call in sick when you’re not sick in front of your children, you’re teaching them. When you cheat in some way in front of them, you’re teaching them. When you talk bad about your spouse, friend, church or whatever in front of them, you’re teaching them.  And… when you send them to a school that sets aside a week to memorialize sin, you’re teaching them.

But worse, our actions not only teach our children, they teach our grandchildren. Whatever life experience we immerse our children in, that experience will be the basis for normal for them. You send your child to the statist school because that is what is normal. And it’s normal because that’s what you yourself experienced. So as society deteriorates, and as that deterioration is accompanied by increasing despotism, you can expect that your grandchildren will be trained for slavery to the extent that you yourself never imagined.

So let’s look at this article:

San Ramon: LGBT curriculum riles some middle school parents

This is the typical article common today. Parents not comfortable with the speed at which they are asked to change their view of reality are putting up just a little bit of fight. No worries however for those they’re fighting against. Even if the parents don’t buy in 100 percent, they know they already have the children. But there is one thing in the article that I want to focus on, and it’s this:

There is one thing in this article that I want to focus on, and it’s this:

A parent from San Ramon wrote, “Even though there is an opt out, the kids will be discussing it. There is truly no opt out.”

What I want to focus on is the fast one being pulled over parent’s eyes by this whole understanding of “opting out”. But my take is a little different from this parent’s take. In my view the school ought to require parents opt their children in. This would change everything. But that’s exactly why they make you opt out. But the time is close at hand there will be no options at all. More and more schools are continuing the inevitable slide to forcing students in their charge into what can only be described as “re-education” courses for those raised in “Christian” homes. One can only wonder how much longer it will be legal for parents to opt out of the shebang.

But by the providence of God, that option still exists and that’s exactly one parent in the article did by keeping his children home through the whole week of honoring unnatural and sinful behavior. But don’t make the mistake that this same parent did by turning right around and sending your child back to an institution that is just happy as it can be to waller in the rot of sin after the gay days are done. To do such a thing is to teach them. No, keep your child at home for good and teach them in the ways of reality and righteousness.




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