Reason 310: Because A Worthy Cause And Public School Are At Odds

There are plenty of worthy causes to be involved in, but chances are, if they are worthy they will also be, not so much thankless as accolade-less.  But if you jump onto one of the popular causes of our day you’re sure to get accolades galore, but at the same time it’s probably a rotten cause. And that’s just what happened here:

Eighth Grader’s ‘White Privilege’ Poem Takes First Place

Nevermind the mindlessness of such self-loathing dribble parroted by this poor child, what I want to see is his mentors, and even him, live up to their words. De-privileging one’s self is much easier than to do what everyone else wants to do, including blacks, which is to “privilege” themselves. Jesus had some great advice for this sort of thing. He said to sell everything you own and give it to the poor. That will definitely de-privilege you. But it’s easier to live the good life and feel guilty about it than it is to actually do something that furthers your cause against your own privilege by making yourself underprivileged, even though doing so would technically be one of the easiest things ever. The only thing required, after the easy task of dumping wealth, is to adopt an anti-social dress code, attitude and ethic, become a sloth, then blame everyone else for your woes. Blacks haven’t cornered the market on this either by the way, but no one’s talking about that. Talk is cheap anyway. And all the while all this talking is going on about what rotten human beings white people are due to their supposed “privileges”, nothing ever gets done about the disadvantages of blacks, which are real. But who cares? This young man is national news because he expressed his self-hatred and white-guilt better than his classmates. He has received his reward in full.

When Jesus said to sell everything and give it to the poor he didn’t stop there. He continued. He said to then come and follow me. You see, the black person is in the shape he’s in, not because of white privilege, but rather because his family has been decimated. And interestingly enough, the same people in the cause that is cheering this poor young liberal on are the same people who played a big part in destroying it. Fatherlessness is a problem wherever and whoever it strikes, and it doesn’t discriminate.

But in the schoolhouse children will be taught that Marxism is the black man’s savior, and the poor privileged white man’s too, and not until an all-powerful government evens things up a bit will it get better for both. But that is a lie, and for anyone who has studied history, or has a clue about the heart and condition of man, knows it’s a lie. And this history will not be taught in school for that very reason. The only way Marxism will help anyone is if they’re part of the power structure. Then they will be helped a whole lot; they’ll be privileged beyond imagination. But everyone else, red, yellow, black and white will be equally poor and miserable with no hope of escape.

As for me, I don’t want my children indoctrinated into a bunch of lies designed to have them turn a few men in government into wealthy little self-proclaimed gods.  I have much higher hopes for them than that. And that’s why I would never, in a million years, send them to an evil institution like the public school system for an “education”.



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