Reason 312: Because Cultivating Sin In A Child Could Lead To A Lifetime Of Misery For Him

Bad thinking leads to bad teaching leads to bad thinking. So if someone “thinks” that people are born gay, then it would only follow that they might want to cultivate homosexuality in your child if they think they’re noticing feminine characteristics in his behavior. Never mind that the same people who say that there are no such things as gender distinctions and that any distinctions that we might notice are the result of nurture and not nature.  That’s just the glory of being a leftist. You can hold to both sides of opposing positions depending on which issue you’re pushing at any given time.

I learned a new phrase while reading today’s article. It’s called “turning out”. That’s when you see feminine tendencies in a child and then cultivate his “gayness” as is the case in this article:

Gay Teacher Promotes Homosexuality to Little 3rd Graders, Says He Didn’t Care What Parents Thought

And this on “turning out”:

The thought that the child just acted feminine could have just stayed as it is. A thought. Some kids act different than others. But this teacher overstepped his bounds and pushed an idea into the under-aged child’s mind. Some could call it “turning out” the child and other impressionable children in the class.

Also, let me emphasise again that teachers like this are not the worst threat your child will encounter at the schoolhouse, at least not directly. The worst threat is the campus culture, complete with its own variety of “stars” and movers and shakers. This culture will have much more influence on your child than a boring old teacher reading a book. And with that in mind consider that only three parents of these third graders lodged a complaint against the teacher for reading a book on two kings hooking up. That means that your children are being steeped in a culture of children whose parents have either already bought into our brave new world, or they are largely absent and have relinquished the rearing of their children to the statist school system. Either way, it’s not good. Also, keep in mind that the book he read was an approved book by the school administration.

Yes, this poor teacher resigned. But he will go to work somewhere else as a teacher and will be held in high esteem for his martyrdom.  Maybe he’ll be hired at your child’s school. These sorts of things are expected setbacks. They have the schoolhouse and they know it, and they’re on a mission to corrupt in one of the most effective places to corrupt, where lots and lots of children are gathered.

Don’t see this as a victory for the parents. It was an actual loss because they think they won something. They won’t win until they pull their children from the system that promotes a destructive and enslaving mindset. The whole system is still against them. They will go home now content that their children will be raised by the state good and proper. They couldn’t be more wrong. Please don’t send your child to the statists for an education, because a through God hating and corrupting statist education is exactly what they’ll get.

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