Reason 319: Because The Schoolhouse Has Declared War On Boys

I’ve lived this twice. Once when I was a boy, and again because I have a son. There are two realities. There is the fantasy-land of liberal thought, which I’ll call the alternate reality. And then there’s the reality that liberal reality refuses to admit exists, which is the real reality. In the alternate reality there’s no difference between boys and girls. But in the real reality, they are very different. But since the institution rejects reality and chooses instead to live in a fantasy land of its own making, boys are crammed into a girl sized mold in the schoolhouse.

In the home boys are much more free to be boys and will thrive there. I can’t imagine the carnage to my son’s psyche if I had allowed the institution to cram him into the institution’s feminist mold. But then again, perhaps I can, because I”m still recovering from it myself.

Today we have a great video from Prager University that explains this very well:

Of course this, like most critiques, even from great conservatives like Prager, focus on changing the schoolhouse, and not on rescuing children from it. In that way we might even admit that conservatives have their own fantasy land, which is that they’re ever going to fix the public school. War machines protect their tank factories because they need tanks to wage war. Likewise, evil is going to protect its human clone factories, because, without them, they know that it’s over. Your children, and especially your son, will rot there as you wait for the institution to change. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for changing the institution. But it would be an awful, horrible mistake to attempt to fix it while it in the mean time crushes your child. But rescuing your child from the burning building takes precedence over putting the fire out.

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  1. Your last sentence hit the nail on the head.

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