Reason 323: Because There’s Lots Of People Who Can Get A Teacher’s Certificate, But Only One Who Can Be Your Child’s Mom

Mom’s do the lion’s share of the work of homeschooling because Dad’s normally, at least in the usual homeschooling family, the provider. And yes, many people do without because of the loss of the second income, myself included. But I’ve honestly never given it a second thought. John says in his first letter that worldly things, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life, do not come from the father but are worldly. New cars are great. More sheetrock is awesome. Nice things to look at are tops. But none of it is worth sacrificing a child for.

Here is an article from Dr. Laura about stay at home moms that I thought fits the bill for this blog. The title, which is a pull-quote, is what caught my attention:

The Top Reasons Women Give for Becoming Stay-at-Home Moms

From the article:

5. They feel guilty. I use the word “guilt” because more often than not, women call me to discuss guilt over not bringing in money rather than the guilt of not being sweet and adorable to their husbands or hands on with their children. They realize that 5,000 other people could do their job, but only they can be their husband’s wife and kid’s mom.

Public school has done much more than dumbed down our children, it has also played a part in rendering women idle, and that never goes well. It’s interesting that Dr. Laura gets more calls from women who feel guilty about the money they’re not bringing in, and that’s no wonder. The state is taking care of their children during the day. What’s she going to do? Clean toilets?  Oh but there’s so much more!

There’s something about taking your child, or your ten children, into a restaurant and have the waiter comment on how unusual it is for your child to behave like a grown up and not an out-of-control banshee, or a teller shocked that a child answers a question from a parent with honor using “sir”. But better than that is to watch your child learn new things, and then apply them. I’ll take that over the extra sheetrock any day of the week. And I can tell you, Mom isn’t sitting around feeling worthless either.


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