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Reason 315: Because Children Ought To Be Taught Family Privilege, Not “White Privilege”

Guilt is a powerful motivator. But if there is no God, why should we feel any guilt at all? Shouldn’t we cast off the restraints implanted into us by evolution and live according to the popular, campus-culture phrase, YOLO? (You only live once)  Why should I feel guilty because evolution has apparently deemed some races inferior if obviousness is a factor? Look around. Wouldn’t it follow that if history, and thereby evolution, has brought us to this place where some races are obviously exploited by others? And if they are, doesn’t if follow that evolution has made one superior to the other?  Seems logical to me… if there’s no God. Of course, I reject that, but then again, I prefer to live a life of consistency. And I also prefer to teach consistency to my children.

Still, if the Godless statist education institution thinks that we ought to not feel guilty about sin, and it rejects sin, but at the same time it teaches our children to feel guilty based on the Godless statist’s morality, then the only conclusion I can come to is this:  Never feel guilty for violating God’s morality, because guilt is bad. Always feel guilty about violating the god/state’s morality of equality, even though that morality contradicts everything else the god/state teaches, because… errrr, ahhh… guilt is good? It must be good because as we can see in this article, teachers are urged to teach it:

National Conference Tells Educators to Check Their Book and Newspaper Privilege

The author of this article includes an excerpt from another of his articles addressing a “privilege walk”:

1. “If you were embarrassed about your clothes or house while growing up, take one step back.”

2. “If you have tried to change your speech or mannerisms to gain credibility, take one step back.”

3. “If members of your gender are portrayed on TV in degrading roles, take one step backward.”

4. “If you can walk past a construction site without being looked up and down or catcalled at, take one step forward.”

So, basically, anyone who has ever gone to school in a bright orange sweatshirt with flowers on it (not that I’m talking about myself or anything), only to feel humiliated, could technically step back for item 1 regardless of family income. For item 2, anyone who had not used an f-bomb during a job interview. As for item 3, anyone familiar with characters like Homer Simpson, Peter Griffin, or actually pretty much most TV dads would realize that everyone in the room could step back regardless of gender.

There are a couple of things that are very glaring to me about this exercise. First, it’s self-contradicting, which is a tale-tell sign that it’s founded in the liberal, Godless mind. In number one I’m supposed to be able to look like everyone else or I’m under-privileged. In number two I’m supposed to be accepted even though I am different. In number three it speaks of degrading roles played by gender on TV. In number four it degrades and prejudges men, who are not acting out due to their gender distinctions, because those distinctions don’t exist, but who instead are acting according to the social constructs they’ve learned, which is what all our morality is based on, except when it’s not, I guess. Confused? I am.

Second, it’s based on a worldview that is antithetical to true happiness. For the Godless liberal, this world, and this life is all there is. So power and material possessions are the only things that matter. But in my experience, nothing could be further from relevant.

Studies show a reality beyond materialism and power. A more pertinent question would be, “Were you happy as a child?” Or, “Were you raised in an intact, traditional family?” If the answer to those questions were yes, the odds are much greater that you really were privileged, regardless of the wealth and power your family enjoyed. But no one’s going to be asking those questions because families are available to all regardless of race, gender, wealth and power. In fact, studies show that families fair much better in all those categories.  And if the statist school system actually cared a whit about the welfare of your children it would encourage sexual purity, marriage, childrearing, and family to all races and socioeconomic groups. Fatherlessness and its effects do not discriminate.  There are worse things in life than being poor. I’d bankrupt myself for my family. I’d rather live in a dumpster with my family than in a mansion without them. But then again, I’m not a materialist.

This is important. The statist education institution is GOING to do everything in it’s power to have your child worshipping at the altar of materialism and power. They must, lest your children realize that there’s much more to life than the god/state’s promise of a Utopia, which is out there in the future somewhere, eventually, once your child finally grows up and gives it the power it needs to create it. But it will always be out there in the future because it is an impossible task, an illusion. The only Utopia that the state will bring about is for the masters who live an isolated existence, protected from the very law that makes life hell on earth for everyone else. But even in that hell, the family is the best place to be, and your children should be taught this and it should be demonstrated to them constantly.  And sending them to the god/state for a statist, secular humanist education is not demonstrating it.


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Reason 314: Because I’m An Expert, And I Say So

Yes, I’m an expert on education. What credential’s do I have to prove it, you ask?  Well, as an expert, how could I be wrong about being an expert? I’m credentialed by an expert, me. And since 75 percent of American students, who are in the statist school, do worse than my students, I’d say that the proof is in the statist pudding. Wouldn’t you?

Of course, that’s all nonsense.  But so is much of what the “experts” say. We only get fad after fad from this expert’s best idea ever, or that expert’s brainchild, with an increasingly deteriorating, expensive, bloated failure of a system. And all the while no “expert” wants to look at the King Kong-sized pink elephant walking around the schoolhouse compound, which is family. No, we can’t have that because that means patriarchy, and homophobia, and racism and all the other so-called phobias that the state fears.


I was thinking about myself this morning, one of my favorite things to do. My wife and children know that I love self-deprecating humor, and they all hate it. No family member wants to hear their father or husband often refer to himself as a moron, and I can understand that. But the truth is, I am a moron… in some areas. When it comes to administrating our household, complete and utter moron. When it comes to fixing the washing machine, genius. When it comes to language arts, average, I guess. When it comes to using money to make money, moron of morons.  When it comes to fatherhood, we’ll see. When it comes to seeing the big picture, expert. When it comes to attention to detail, moronic. I could go on… and on, but  you get the point.

Everyone is like this. We all have our strengths and weaknesses in many many ways and on many levels.  Now for a challenge to you. Bring 30 sixth graders into your house for an hour each weekday for 3 months with the goal of teaching them how to pass a Common Core test. Now, at the end of that time sit down and write about the many strengths and weaknesses of each child and how the state can cultivate their strengths and mitigate their weaknesses while at the same time still affording to fund the generous administrator and teacher pensions. Ok, forget the pensions, tell me how they could they do it if there actually wasn’t a dollars-for-votes union/government pension program.  Answer? They can’t.

Children are so unique and complex, just like the grownups they will become. And the more an education is tailored to a child’s unique giftings and challenges, the better that student is going to fair, and the more the chance for success in character, knowledge, understanding and wisdom that child will have. The state can never provide this. But you can, and if you want your child to get a real education, you must.

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Reason 313: Because You Want To Give Your Child A Real Education

Screenshot (128)

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July 19, 2016 · 3:00 am

Reason 312: Because Cultivating Sin In A Child Could Lead To A Lifetime Of Misery For Him

Bad thinking leads to bad teaching leads to bad thinking. So if someone “thinks” that people are born gay, then it would only follow that they might want to cultivate homosexuality in your child if they think they’re noticing feminine characteristics in his behavior. Never mind that the same people who say that there are no such things as gender distinctions and that any distinctions that we might notice are the result of nurture and not nature.  That’s just the glory of being a leftist. You can hold to both sides of opposing positions depending on which issue you’re pushing at any given time.

I learned a new phrase while reading today’s article. It’s called “turning out”. That’s when you see feminine tendencies in a child and then cultivate his “gayness” as is the case in this article:

Gay Teacher Promotes Homosexuality to Little 3rd Graders, Says He Didn’t Care What Parents Thought

And this on “turning out”:

The thought that the child just acted feminine could have just stayed as it is. A thought. Some kids act different than others. But this teacher overstepped his bounds and pushed an idea into the under-aged child’s mind. Some could call it “turning out” the child and other impressionable children in the class.

Also, let me emphasise again that teachers like this are not the worst threat your child will encounter at the schoolhouse, at least not directly. The worst threat is the campus culture, complete with its own variety of “stars” and movers and shakers. This culture will have much more influence on your child than a boring old teacher reading a book. And with that in mind consider that only three parents of these third graders lodged a complaint against the teacher for reading a book on two kings hooking up. That means that your children are being steeped in a culture of children whose parents have either already bought into our brave new world, or they are largely absent and have relinquished the rearing of their children to the statist school system. Either way, it’s not good. Also, keep in mind that the book he read was an approved book by the school administration.

Yes, this poor teacher resigned. But he will go to work somewhere else as a teacher and will be held in high esteem for his martyrdom.  Maybe he’ll be hired at your child’s school. These sorts of things are expected setbacks. They have the schoolhouse and they know it, and they’re on a mission to corrupt in one of the most effective places to corrupt, where lots and lots of children are gathered.

Don’t see this as a victory for the parents. It was an actual loss because they think they won something. They won’t win until they pull their children from the system that promotes a destructive and enslaving mindset. The whole system is still against them. They will go home now content that their children will be raised by the state good and proper. They couldn’t be more wrong. Please don’t send your child to the statists for an education, because a through God hating and corrupting statist education is exactly what they’ll get.

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Reason 311: Because Public School Is A Pagan School


July 17, 2016 · 3:34 am

Reason 310: Because A Worthy Cause And Public School Are At Odds

There are plenty of worthy causes to be involved in, but chances are, if they are worthy they will also be, not so much thankless as accolade-less.  But if you jump onto one of the popular causes of our day you’re sure to get accolades galore, but at the same time it’s probably a rotten cause. And that’s just what happened here:

Eighth Grader’s ‘White Privilege’ Poem Takes First Place

Nevermind the mindlessness of such self-loathing dribble parroted by this poor child, what I want to see is his mentors, and even him, live up to their words. De-privileging one’s self is much easier than to do what everyone else wants to do, including blacks, which is to “privilege” themselves. Jesus had some great advice for this sort of thing. He said to sell everything you own and give it to the poor. That will definitely de-privilege you. But it’s easier to live the good life and feel guilty about it than it is to actually do something that furthers your cause against your own privilege by making yourself underprivileged, even though doing so would technically be one of the easiest things ever. The only thing required, after the easy task of dumping wealth, is to adopt an anti-social dress code, attitude and ethic, become a sloth, then blame everyone else for your woes. Blacks haven’t cornered the market on this either by the way, but no one’s talking about that. Talk is cheap anyway. And all the while all this talking is going on about what rotten human beings white people are due to their supposed “privileges”, nothing ever gets done about the disadvantages of blacks, which are real. But who cares? This young man is national news because he expressed his self-hatred and white-guilt better than his classmates. He has received his reward in full.

When Jesus said to sell everything and give it to the poor he didn’t stop there. He continued. He said to then come and follow me. You see, the black person is in the shape he’s in, not because of white privilege, but rather because his family has been decimated. And interestingly enough, the same people in the cause that is cheering this poor young liberal on are the same people who played a big part in destroying it. Fatherlessness is a problem wherever and whoever it strikes, and it doesn’t discriminate.

But in the schoolhouse children will be taught that Marxism is the black man’s savior, and the poor privileged white man’s too, and not until an all-powerful government evens things up a bit will it get better for both. But that is a lie, and for anyone who has studied history, or has a clue about the heart and condition of man, knows it’s a lie. And this history will not be taught in school for that very reason. The only way Marxism will help anyone is if they’re part of the power structure. Then they will be helped a whole lot; they’ll be privileged beyond imagination. But everyone else, red, yellow, black and white will be equally poor and miserable with no hope of escape.

As for me, I don’t want my children indoctrinated into a bunch of lies designed to have them turn a few men in government into wealthy little self-proclaimed gods.  I have much higher hopes for them than that. And that’s why I would never, in a million years, send them to an evil institution like the public school system for an “education”.



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Reason 209: Because Liberty Is Bottom Up, And Hate Is Top Down

I once taught a Sunday School class of fifth and sixth graders. As an object lesson one Sunday we played a game of Monopoly.  As we played I accused all of the students at one time or another of cheating.  I would also attempt to convince everyone else that certain ones were cheaters. Each took turns in receiving this treatment from me.  And once I had accused them, I would constantly remind them that they were cheaters, even thought they’d never cheated that I knew of, only accused. They all worked really hard at not even appearing to cheat.  Meanwhile, I was cheating like crazy, but they never caught on because they were so focused on not looking like a cheater, and if they had of caught me I would have simply responded by calling them a hypocrite for calling me a cheater as I simply assumed before all that they actually were cheating.

The text that day came from Revelation 12:10 involving the “accuser of the brethren” as I attempted to teach that it’s important how we react and order our lives in light of the fact that we will be living under constant accusations in our Christian walk. And those accusations originate from this world’s leader, the head Accuser.

For those who have the eyes to see it, reality reveals this truth. People are taught from the head of the presidential cabinet, the president himself, through the secretary of the DOE, all the way down to the local schoolhouse to hate. But we all are quick to judge others more harshly than ourselves for the same sins, so many times we’re so busy judging “haters” that we can’t even see the hatred piled high in our own hearts. It’s in our DNA to be that way. And it’s precisely why Jesus instructed us to take the plank out of our own eye before we tried to help others. But since most people reject Jesus and his wisdom they reject this instruction also. So while the president, his cabinet and most of the bureaucrats in between are filled with hate and rage, they preach to everyone against hate and rage. Jesus had a name for this. He called it hypocrisy.

Today we will look at an article that looks into your tax dollars hard at work in the hatred of Jews:

Administration Defends UN-Funded, Anti-Israel Textbooks for Palestinians

A bit:

U.S. taxpayers provide nearly $400 million a year to a United Nations program that critics say sends anti-Semitic, anti-Israel textbooks to schools for Palestinian refugees.

An elementary school textbook calls the 1948 establishment of Israel a “disaster,” and a high school text tells of the “End of Days” when “Muslims fight the Jews,” among other examples in a report from the Center for Near East Policy, a pro-Israel research institute based in Jerusalem.

The minds of thoughtful people are boggled with the love affair leftists have with those who kill gays, have an established religion, and who abuse women while at the same time they hate the nation that is just as anti-Christ, homosexual glorifying, and steeped in feminism as their own. But they do. Must be something spiritual about it is all I can conclude.

But all that aside, consider the aligned hatred of the masses for a second. Might we conclude that such hatred is taught, not just in the public institutions but also in nation’s news and entertainment media?  And might we also conclude that nations who are most virulent in their hatred are also the nations who are most enslaved? Who wants to live in an Islamic nation? Who wants to live in a nation in which every policy finds its roots in the hatred of the rich? Love is hard. But hatred is easy, its a tool for enslavement, and it is generally propagated from top down.  That we all hate is a given. But it takes power to align and unify hatred, and accusations are the means through which such hatreds are aligned as people work hard to prove that they are NOT like those people over there; you know, the people that everyone loves to hate.

So if you want to teach your children to love, the last place you’ll want to send them is to an institution that is fraught with hatred, and which hides that hatred behind accusations of hatred with the constant bellowing of, homophobe, racist, misogynist, and hater if they don’t hate the “right things” (aligned hatred) while loving sin and death. Teach your children to love from a Biblical perspective, and teach them to be free instead.

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Reason 308: Because There’s More That Your Child Needs Than What The Institution Is Willing To Teach

I think it was President Bush 41 who coined the phrase voodoo economics, and that’s exactly what it is. Like much being taught in the schoolhouse, and being preached to us in the media, it’s not real… as in denying-that-if-you’re-born-a-male-you’ll-die-as-a-male, not real for example. In the same way that boys are girls and girls are boys, wealth can be printed on a printing press is an alternate reality that seems to be accepted by our modern elites.  It’s jut all magic.

The article we’re going to look at today bemoans financial ignorance:

Nearly Two-Thirds of Americans Can’t Pass a Basic Test of Financial Literacy

I hear TIME has fallen on its own hard times. I write these posts for free. And sometimes I post them with very little proofreading, and sometimes I know that is a painfully obvious fact. But I’m an amateur. After reading this article, however, I’m thinking that I might be qualified to write for cash. And interestingly enough the article is found in the U.S. Education section. But I digress.

Where to start? How about an excerpt?

One of the silver linings of the financial crisis was that it was supposed to have taught many Americans a lesson, albeit painful, about the dangers of debt, and financial issues in general. Apparently, the message, though, didn’t get across.

I find this to be absolutely stunning. The financial crisis was supposed to have taught us serfs a lesson?  Who says? No really. This is an appeal to some sort of objective reality or truth. I’m curious as to where this truth can be found. Certainly, the US Government hasn’t learned the lesson about the “dangers of debt”, or “financial issues in general”. I know where one can find the objective truth that, “Thou shalt not steal”, which is what printing cash is doing.

I’ve been told over and over that it was greedy banks doing predatory lending, and that us poor serfs buying Hummers and vacations with the “equity” in our house–which, by the way, was also created by the printing press–were nothing more than victims who needed bigger government to save us.

We know this article is from a liberal rag because most of it focuses on race and gender and how the “hard times” have affected them more. The video is typical elitist-speak wherein an elitist tells us serfs obvious stuff, like, if you don’t make a lot of money financial mistakes hit you harder.  Of course, the speaker in the video admits that she was once poor when she was younger, but unlike us stupid serfs, she figured out how to climb out of it. Her answer is the same as all liberal’s answers to all problems. She wants another government program to educate people on finances.

I encourage you to watch the video and read the article because there is a blaring omission as these elitists wring their hands over the plight of those of us who are their reason for living, the poor, and especially the poor without penises and who have more pigment than they do.

What they omit is the existence of a mind-bogglingly huge and expensive educational-industrial complex owned and operated by these same liberals.  One would think that since this massive complex is in their back pocket that they would point to themselves to explain the common man’s ignorance of all things financial.  But they don’t. I wonder why?

Maybe it’s because if you’re stealing from the people, you wouldn’t want to teach them that you’re going to be stealing from them, and how you’re going to go about it. Maybe it’s because ignorant and poor people are easier to enslave after you make them ignorant and poor. I’m guessing that the writers of this article are just as clueless in economics as those they bemoan, just in different ways. But the bottom line is that this article is a glaring admission that the institution is a big fat failure and that many are paying a price for its failure. But on a positive note, its failure will give these liberals lots to write and talk about for years to come as they wring their hands over the results of their programs, which is the poor working like little slaves for nothing due to the run-away “debt” being taken on by their big, bloated government and its big, bloated programs.

But it doesn’t have to be this way for your children. Teaching them about money, debt, the horrors and histories of nations with a runaway printing press, and living within your means, and holding their government to do the same, will give your children a great advantage in their lives as they live in a nation and culture in decline.




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Reason 307: Because Age Segregation Is Not A Good Thing

A friend mentioned that he was talking to a homeschooling parent and asked her what her reasons were for homeschooling. He told me that none of her reasons have been mentioned here. I went back and looked and I think he’s right, at least not in a title.  So here we go.

So I found this article:

Age Segregation in School

Like most articles on home education, this article is focused on reform of the education institution. I hope you, dear reader, understand that that’s not going to happen. The administration of the institution, you might say, is in a steel reinforced concrete bunker a thousand feet thick. Nothing is going to get through to them. Their minds are in a jar and the lids are on tight. Those who suggest reform can’t seem to understand that the statist institution is a success beyond the wildest dreams of those who concocted it, and whose bones are now moldering in the grave. There will be no reform, only reinforcement.  So lets get on with some excerpts from the article:

Some people think it is “natural,” or even beneficial, for children to be confined with other children of approximately the same age for most of each school day, but this is a recent, mistaken idea promoted by education bureaucrats.

“The fact is, however, that most American schools were ungraded until the second half of the nineteenth century, the graded school having been introduced in the United States in 1848, when the Quincy Grammar School in Boston, Massachusetts, opened its doors. A number of educators, impressed with the graded schools they had seen in Germany, had been proposing adoption of the technique in this country. The Quincy School was the first built for that purpose; it contained twelve rooms of equal size, four to a floor, in which a teacher and some fifty-five children would meet for a year at a time. The men who created the school predicted that it would set the pattern of American schooling for another fifty years. Their estimate was clearly conservative.”

Does it seem odd to anyone that what someone experiences for most of their formative years seems “natural”?  Well of course it seems natural. It defines our very existence as youngsters and young adults.  But, as we can see in the exerpt, age segregation is a relatively new idea. But interestingly enough, with the advent of homeschooling, there are enough adults out there who have escaped the age segregated experience to use as a control group in order to study the long-term effects of it. This article cites one of those studies here:

Interesting evidence suggesting how much age-grading dumbs down schoolchildren today comes from the contrasting experiences of homeschoolers, who don’t have to stick to the average schedule of other children their age. The Rudner 1998 study of homeschooled students [link to a different Web site]analyzed standardized test scores of a large sample of homeschooled students. Rudner is an educational researcher who is not himself a homeschooler. He notes that many homeschooling parents in his study voluntarily gave their children standardized tests for one or even two “grade levels” higher than what their children would be assigned to in an age-segregated school, but the children still scored well above national norms.

I agree with this only partly because the thinking behind it is stratified.  It seems to imply that if the state ever decided against age segregation that it could provide a better more uniquely tailored education. But that’s like suggesting that if all the tires on a car are flat the car will be fine if you put air in only one tire. It ignores the most important ingredient of all in education: love.  The love brings about the one on one instruction. And second down on that list is time. The institution doesn’t foster real education time, it steals it from family time which is some of the best educational times available. But the state sends your child home with loads of homework that eclipses time spent with family. It is robbery.

In the beginning of our homeschooling endeavor, I didn’t think much about age desegregation, but as time passed and I begin to see my children’s comfort in interaction with all ages, including those very young and old. I can vouch that it is a great benefit.  It also allows my children to forego a feeling, or perhaps a sense, that was ingrained into my mindset, and I didn’t even know it.  I thought that advancement in life would come automatically with age. I can remember how odd is was to learn that outside of the campus culture the boss was not necessarily older than the employee.  It truly was a strange concept to me. Of course, that was then. Those were thoughts thought by a young and ignorant young man who’d been thoroughly indoctrinated.

But your children don’t have to grow up like this. Their life can be more realistic. And the best education they can get is one that won’t require them to uneducate themselves from their “education” for the rest of their lives.




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Reason 306: Because There Are Options And No Options, And You And Your Child Should Know The Difference

Let me start by saying that much more is caught by your children than is taught to them. If you call in sick when you’re not sick in front of your children, you’re teaching them. When you cheat in some way in front of them, you’re teaching them. When you talk bad about your spouse, friend, church or whatever in front of them, you’re teaching them.  And… when you send them to a school that sets aside a week to memorialize sin, you’re teaching them.

But worse, our actions not only teach our children, they teach our grandchildren. Whatever life experience we immerse our children in, that experience will be the basis for normal for them. You send your child to the statist school because that is what is normal. And it’s normal because that’s what you yourself experienced. So as society deteriorates, and as that deterioration is accompanied by increasing despotism, you can expect that your grandchildren will be trained for slavery to the extent that you yourself never imagined.

So let’s look at this article:

San Ramon: LGBT curriculum riles some middle school parents

This is the typical article common today. Parents not comfortable with the speed at which they are asked to change their view of reality are putting up just a little bit of fight. No worries however for those they’re fighting against. Even if the parents don’t buy in 100 percent, they know they already have the children. But there is one thing in the article that I want to focus on, and it’s this:

There is one thing in this article that I want to focus on, and it’s this:

A parent from San Ramon wrote, “Even though there is an opt out, the kids will be discussing it. There is truly no opt out.”

What I want to focus on is the fast one being pulled over parent’s eyes by this whole understanding of “opting out”. But my take is a little different from this parent’s take. In my view the school ought to require parents opt their children in. This would change everything. But that’s exactly why they make you opt out. But the time is close at hand there will be no options at all. More and more schools are continuing the inevitable slide to forcing students in their charge into what can only be described as “re-education” courses for those raised in “Christian” homes. One can only wonder how much longer it will be legal for parents to opt out of the shebang.

But by the providence of God, that option still exists and that’s exactly one parent in the article did by keeping his children home through the whole week of honoring unnatural and sinful behavior. But don’t make the mistake that this same parent did by turning right around and sending your child back to an institution that is just happy as it can be to waller in the rot of sin after the gay days are done. To do such a thing is to teach them. No, keep your child at home for good and teach them in the ways of reality and righteousness.




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