Reason 331: Sanity Has Left The School Building

I’ll let this article speak for itself:

De Blasio Suspends School Sanity

The insanity spoken of is the fix instituted for the unequal distribution of classroom suspension among varying skin pigment rates.

This can be filed under, “fixing fixes that were fixes to fixes that were meant to fix reality” What reality was being fixed, you ask? Patriarchy. The family, and fatherhood, were seen as the problem. Why? I don’t know.  Something to do with power, which liberals, along with material wealth, have an inordinate fixation on, as if those two are the end alls of the end alls. And I guess if there’s no God, and we’re all simply flesh machines created by chance over eons who are responding to stimuli, that power is about all there is.  The real problem is more than likely something to do with what Paul of Tarses was talking about when he spoke of the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places. When the father is taken out of the home, regardless of the amount of pigment one’s skin has, the results are entirely predictable. So it only follows that when more fathers, who happen to have more skin pigment, abandon their children then it should be expected that those same children will have more problems. It really is that simple. All one needs to look at is the out fo wedlock birthrates and their association with skin pigment, and there you will see a cause and effect relationship.

But you don’t have to send your child off to this. Sanity is important. Your child will need a sound worldview and a sound mind in the troubled world that the elitists are preparing for him. The best gift you can give to him is that. Things are not going to stay the same. Your child will not grow up in a world anything like the one you grew up in, even if you grew up only twenty or thirty years ago.


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2 responses to “Reason 331: Sanity Has Left The School Building

  1. Amen. Our kids must be armed with the truth. In the after school hours when one sends his kids to public school to be indoctrinated by the evil Satan-loving elite international curriculum guideline writers in the U.N., how much time is there for a parent to arm their kids with the truth?

    First off, these kids are exhausted mentally when they get home. They need at least a half hour to have a snack and “veg.”

    Second, these kids have homework to do and you, the parent, have papers to look through, read and sign.

    Then it is dinner time.

    Then the kids have some class your kid is in. Gymnastics? Karate? Swim lessons? Voice lessons? Piano lessons? Baseball? Basketball? Whatever it is, it takes time away from a parent’s time to arm their children with the truth.

    Next, it is time to go home. The child needs to get ready for bed. The child is very grumpy. Maybe the parent will have 15 minutes’ time, tops. WOW! That is plenty, right!

    The first thing you have to do is find out what the chile learned that day, which usually comes out “nothing,” or “I forgot.” This will take more time than you have. Next, parents need to talk about something with their own beliefs. 5 minutes!

    All of this is why parents need to homeschool their kids!

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