Reason 335: Because The Schoolhouse Is Sticking A Stick In Your Eye

Does this sound reasonable to you?

This is the school system. Imagine a big tank full of sewage, say a tank as big as Chicago, and as high as the Sears Tower. Now imagine that that big, giant tank full of sewage had a small leak that revealed its ugly contents. Would you think that the smelly goo oozing out the side was an outlier, and throw your children into the tank anyway? Or would you suspect that, if this is what’s leaking out, then that must also be what’s on the inside?

This little poster is colorful, with a cute little smiling unicorn. But the message is sewage for your child’s mind that is leaking out for all to see what’s in all the places that everyone doesn’t see.  And the fact that the insitution no longer makes any attempts to hide it shows that they know you, dear parent, have no power. Your state has no power. And it is jabing a stick into your “homophobic” eye.

But you’re not completely with out power. You do have a little left. You can save yoru child from this monster by simply keeping her home, and not letting the institution polute her mind with confusion.



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